Times have been tough lately. With gas prices surging, tuition going up, and the Winter coming, Khalid said it best; we're all young, dumb, and broke. With that being said, being young, dumb, and broke has honestly never been harder! It seems 2017 has been year of the L's for everyone except Cardi B.

Ottawans can definitely relate to each other when it comes to making the same stupid spending mistakes and trying to save money in the same ways. For that reason alone, here's a list you can totally relate to if you're young, dumb, and broke in Ottawa:

1. Trying to hop the bus

We've all been there. Not having enough bus fare so you try to get on the bus through the back doors. Unfortunately, this only works on long buses and normally, you spend the whole bus ride in fear you'll get caught.

2. Having to wait in the line outside just to get into El Furniture Warehouse

When Warehouse was first introduced to Ottawa, everyone lost their sh*t. How could a place be so cool yet so cheap, and the food wasn't half bad! Nowadays, you can definitely expect to line up for a good 15-20 minutes outside before being seated and trust me, this sucks in the winter.

3. Taking the wrong bus from Hurdman

Definitely a major dumb moment but it's happened to the best of us. With buses constantly changing their routes and numbers, it's inevitable that we'd eventually get lost.

4. The movie theatres being packed on Tuesdays for cheap Tuesdays

Go on a Friday and there's no one there! However, on Tuesday's, it's a whole different story. At least it's reassuring to know that everyone else in Ottawa is just as broke as you are.

5. Not getting into the club because everyone had to make it out before free entry ended at 11

Of course if you have guest list, you're going to try and make it. In Ottawa, however, people will literally do whatever they can to make guest list, including head to the club before *gasp* 11pm. By the time you show up at a reasonable hour, the club is packed and the bouncer isn't letting anyone in anymore.

6. Genuinely considering becoming a Quebec resident and moving to Gatineau for cheaper rent 

Self-explanatory. Gatineau has way cheaper rent and don't front, you've definitely considered moving there despite not speaking any French.

7. Throwing in as much loose change when you don't have enough bus fare

When times are tough, you just need to finesse! Who hasn't had to collect as much change from the bottom of their wallet, and from their friends in order to make it seem like they had enough bus fare? Bus drivers totally know we're fronting by the way, but if yours is nice, he won't call you out.

8. Realizing Fit 4 Less is only located in the far end of every suburb so a cheap gym membership isn't an option for you

Fit 4 Less is great because it's only 10$ a month, however, there's only 3 of them in Ottawa and they're all located in the most random places. Realistically, the gas you spend trying to get to them is the same as the money you'll save from the membership. 

9. Relying on Kijiji for your every need... even if the seller is questionable

Who doesn't love Kijiji! It's honestly so amazing and you can find pretty much anything but it's definitely home to some pretty questionable things. Oh well, when the going gets rough, you gotta do what you gotta do.

10. Feeling upset when you don't have a uPass for the Summer anymore

This is the worst for students! Imagine having the luxury of not having to worry about Prestos or bus tickets or monthly bus pass fees for 8 months, and then the Summer hits, and you're stranded. Ugh!

11. Feeling boujee AF on your once a year trip to Nordik Spa

Don't lie, you take as many pictures and snapchats of your trip to Nordik to make yourself seem boujee AF! We all do this because TBH, Nordik is hella expensive and if you didn't take pics, did it really happen?

12. Being a part of every buying and selling Facebook social group in the Ottawa/Hull vicinity 

Look, we've all gotta save money somehow, alright? People post weird sh*t on Facebook and the fact that one of these groups is called "Ottawa Black Market" is hella sketch but if you can find that Dyson Vacuum for 200$ off, why not?!

13. Finally realizing opting out from health insurance at school saves money

Who knew? All this time, in order to save some cash off your tuition, all you had to do was opt out of health insurance at school. And to think the university's were just fronting when they kept mentioning it, pft. 

14. Religiously ordering from Pizza Pizza only to claim it tastes like cardboard

Pizza Pizza is cheap AF, it's available super late, and when you're drunk, it tastes amazing. They have the best deals on pizza so you know ordering from them feels nice when you check your bank account. Only problem is the pizza is a little questionable and you usually end up regretting ordering from them.

15. That moment when you take in that the third floor of Rideau is basically just all the "designer" stores 

Ever wonder why you never found yourself shopping on the third floor of Rideau Mall? That's because it's all high end designer brands that we will never be able to afford... Ok, maybe one day. A girl can dream.

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