Everyone's hair has a personality of its own. Whether that's your natural hair, or hair that you've dyed since you were 13. Hair is a work of art that can be painted and sculpted in any way. And when you find someone who finally understands your needs, you hold onto them. But those people are crazy hard to find. Most people I know have gone to their hairstylist for years or find a new one every time they need a change. Both options are great, but there's always someone out there that understands your needs more than you do.

It's about time you find that person. And I'm not talking about a relationship, I'm talking about a new hairstylist. In no particular order, here are some amazing options that will give you exactly what you want (except don't bring a picture of Kim Kardashian with bleach blonde hair–they'll probably roll their eyes). Check them out on Insta, give them a follow, and be amazed at their work!

via @hairstylingbyrebecca

Rebecca Facchin // Hairstylist Apprentice @ Spotlight Hair & Spa

via @salonvert

Cara McEachern // Vegan Hairstylist & Owner of Salon Vert

via @hair_giang

Shannon Giang // Hairstylist @ Salon 130

via @stephens_chair

Stephen // Hair Artist @ SAAB Salon Spa

via @kelseybiron

Kelsey Biron // Makeup Artist & Hairstylist @ Spotlight Hair & Spa

via @kentonthebarber

Kenton // Barber @ Fernandino Rideau

via @haircreationsbyisabelle

Isabelle Bourdon // Hair Apprentice @ Versaille Academy

via @im_a_barber

Shane // Barber @ House of Barons

via @bbariely

Arielle // Hairstylist @ Texture Hair Salon

via @jessealexandre

Jesse Alberto // Hair Artist @ Le Petit Salon

via @savannachiodoartistry

Savannah Chiodo // Hair & Makeup Artist @ Jet Black Hair & Studio

via @showponyhair

Lori Dyck // Hair Wizard @ Showpony Hair

via @colbyhairstylist

Colby Standing // Hairstylist @ Jet Black Hair & Studio

via @hairbyjrabs

Jessie // Hairstylist @ Pygmalion Spa

via @shelbytymchuk

Shelby Tymchuk // Hairstylist @ Showpony Hair

via @maddiehillehairstylist

Maddie Hille // Makeup Artist & Hairstylist @ Jet Black Hair & Studio

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