16 Ottawa Things You & Your Sister/BFF Gotta Do Together This Winter

Bond with the best!

Sisters. The ones we love to hate, and hate to love. If you have a sister, whether you're close or not, you understand that you can get along one day and tell all your friends you hate them the next. It's literally just a part of having a sister, but we wouldn't trade it for the world.

Most of the time sisters are complete opposites. Whether it's your style, your lookout on life, what you like to do, etc. But let's be real. In the winter all we ever want to do is stay inside and watch movies. But in order to bond over things, you can't just stay inside and fight over if you want to watch a horror movie or a funny movie! I know it's cold AF in Ottawa in the winter, but there are still so many fun things that you and your sis can do that will make memories for a lifetime.

So whether you consider yourself the smart, funny, sassy, sarcastic, or serious sister, there has to be something both of you enjoy doing together. My sister and I personally love to watch reality TV together, but unfortunately that's not on the list. If you want to bond with your sister or you're already super close, here are 12 things you can do this winter that will bring you closer together!





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