We either are that friend, or we know that friend way too well. The one who whines about being broke so you'll cave and buy her a drink, or the one who spent her entire paycheque the day she got paid. Money is a blessing and a curse, but money buys you want you want and need.

Between school, work, a social life and sanity, it's hard to keep a balance especially when you're drowning in OSAP or whatever payments you may have. We should all probably start budgeting and using our money wisely, however, until then let's complain about how broke we are and how accurate this article is. Here are 16 struggles of being 'the broke one' in your friend group:

1. When your friend Snapchats while being out for brunch for the 3rd time this week

And you had stale Rice Krispies... again.

2. Your friends are planning a graduation trip to Thailand

But you owe OSAP your entire life savings. Sorry guys, bring me back a shell or something.

3. Trying to think of an excuse other than 'I'm broke' every time you have to cancel

I understand it's your birthday, but I literally have 2 dollars in my back account.

4. Seeing people buying houses more and more makes you die a little inside

Credit? What's that?

5. Trying to act surprised when your card declines after buying a $5 item

"So weird, I just put money in my account yesterday!"

6. The excitement you get when someone finally suggests to have a night in

Finally, someone understands me.

7. When you suggest dropping a few friends to save money around Christmas

You're not that funny, anyways.

8. When your friends ask you what you want for every single holiday/birthday

Money is the only thing on my mind.

9. "I swear I'll pay you back!"

You're never seeing that money, my friend.

10. Getting anxiety every time you check your bank account

Life hack: don't check it.

11. Being given budgeting tips from all your friends

How can I budget with no money, though?

12. Realizing you spent all your money and you still have a week and a half till pay day

Guess I'll become a hermit until then.

13. Acting like you have to 'think about' a $75 shirt you want to buy

"You know what, I already have something like it!" aka "You know what, I'd not be embarrassed of my card declining."

14. When your friends ask you what you spend your money on

I'm not accepting questions at this time, please respect that. Thank you.

15. "We should go to that new restaurant that just opened up!"

I hear McDonald's Dollar Menu is great, too.

16. "I only have money for cover" is a sneaky way to say "please buy me a drink"

Can't confirm or deny if it works or not.

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