Orleans (or "Or-lay-on"). It's that suburb on the east side of the city with the silver church and Place D'Orleans Shopping Centre (which proudly got an H&M before Rideau Centre). To some, it's "Bore-leans."

Whatever you may call it, Orleans has been through a lot over the years. Innes Road has come a long way since its days as farmland (seriously, what happened up there) and we also had two sinkholes swallow the cars in our community over the past few years. Oh, and we also got the first Mandarin in Ottawa, so we have been blessed with that, too.

If you're in your twenties, Orleans is probably behind you now. You might have moved on to downtown or maybe a bigger city. Or maybe you stayed. Either way, no matter where you are, Orleans will always be a part of you and these 17 signs prove just that:

1. You're familiar with the phrase, "Hello, bonjour."

Je ne sais pas.

2. The fountain at Place D'Orleans was your childhood.

You miss watching to see how high the water would go.

3. You never went to Farrhaven.

Oops, Barrhaven.

4. When the roundabout came to St. Joseph, it terrified you.

You still try to avoid it, don't lie.

5. One of your classmates disappeared and went to Canterbury.

Why? We still don't know.

6. Geography was based on the hill.

The top or the bottom. There was no in-between.

7. The rivalry between the English Catholic schools was real.

St. Pete's from the top of the hill and St. Matt's at the bottom of the hill were always out to compete.

8. You waited days for the 131.

It never came and it never will come.

9. Fritomania.

Consider yourself blessed, Orleans. It's the best poutine in the city. People trek all the way from Farrhaven to eat here.

10. The Place D'Orleans Santa was the REAL Santa.

He's still kicking it there, too (which you probably know 'cause you're still taking pictures with him in your twenties).

11. Your first bike was from Orleans Cycles.

12. You saw the silver church on the daily.

It's called St. Joseph's Parish. You probably never actually went inside it.

13. Canada Day was celebrated at Petrie Island.

Just not in the water.

14. School trips to the Science and Tech Museum.

The crazy kitchen was lit.

15. Getting those little apple cups from the Orleans Fruit Farm.

Best. Ever. Apple picking and apple cider was never so beautiful. Oh, and don't forget the tiny pumpkins.

16. You probably never went to Burger King.

Where'd they go? Dunno. You watched them disappear from Orleans over the years. There's still one left out in the middle of nowhere on Innes, but we're just going to McDonald's instead.

17. The best thing about Christmas was Taffy Lane.

Orleans knows the Christmas spirit better than any suburb.

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