What does "hipster foods" mean exactly? Well, you're here to find out.

Hipster foods are essentially foods that get all the hype. They're seen everywhere on social media with a cool filter, even if the food doesn't look that appealing. They're usually pretty overpriced but you're always willing to try them once. Whether you get the hype or not, it's always worth it.

I promise, all of these hipster foods are worth trying at least once. So turn your Insta into a self-proclaimed foodie page, and give all of these 17 trendy foods a shot!

via @katsnacks.to

1. Sushi Burrito at Bento Sushi // CF Rideau Centre

via @burgersnfriesforever

2. Fried Egg Burger at Burgers n' Fries Forever // 329 Bank Street

via @mysweetteacafe

3. Bubble Tea at My Sweet Tea // 824 Somerset Street West

via @vegancuts

4. Smoothie Bowl at RAW Pulp and Grind // 440 Preston Street

via @mooshuicecream

5. Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake at Moo Shu Ice Cream // 477 Bank Street

via @jake_bleecker

6. Avocado Toast at Good Eats // 388 Albert Street

via @zoeboivin_

7. Grilled Cheese at MTLDWN // CF Rideau Centre

via @ammmiem

8. Cereal Flavoured Foods at Bar Robo // 692 Somerset Street West

via @a_shaily

9. Cold Brew Coffee at The Ministry of Coffee // 279 Elgin Street

via @supply_ottawa

10. Brussel Sprouts at Supply and Demand // 1335 Wellington Street West

via @heathercgaudreau

11. Cute Macarons at Quelque Chose Pâtisserie // 274 Montreal Road

via @social_ottawa

12. Kale Salad at SOCIAL Restaurant & Lounge // 537 Sussex Drive

via @sherrylavgine1997

13. Donuts at SuzyQ Doughnuts // 969 Wellington Street West

via @camelteaux

14. Ramen at Sansotei Ramen // 153 Bank Street

via @alyxia_starr

15. Zucchini Noodles at Rawlicious // 381 Cooper Street

via @feedmeottawa

16. Kimchi Fries at Clocktower Brew Pub // Multiple Locations

via @lauraherchel

17. Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich at Strawberry Blonde Bakery // 114B Grange Avenue

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