Every city is burdened with their very own bad drivers. From tailgaters to people who forget to signal, Ottawa, of course, is infamously no exception.

With our extra harsh winters and narrow downtown roads, we're always constantly battling cyclists or dodging the snow people forgot to wipe off their cars in front of us. Nothing may be as bad as driving in Toronto, but Ottawa has their own drivers that you'll probably see once or twice on the Queensway

Here's 17 types of drivers you're bound to see in Ottawa:

The "Oh, that's my exit" driver

Cars were never meant to cross three lanes at once.

The "I'm 16 and just got my first Honda Civic" driver

Will most likely be spotted in a McDonald's parking lot or going 80km through Orleans or Barrhaven.

The "High beams" driver

I'm blind, don't worry, it's OK. Really.

The "I'm going to slow down before going on the Queensway" driver

Will most likely look over their shoulder and slow down to about 60km before merging on the Queensway.

The "Baby on board silver Dodge Caravan" driver

Most likely shops at No Frill's and drives her children to hockey practice.

The "Let's drive the speed limit in the left lane" driver

Cruising on the left lane of the Queensway.

The "Light just turned green, let's honk" driver


The "Red plate" driver

Ooou, diplomat. Fancy.

The "Blast my emotions" driver

Will be blasting "Summer of '69" or some other song from their Ford with their windows down.

The "613 Bro" driver

Most likely drives a Dodge pickup truck and will be caught tailgating you on the Queensway.

The "What signal?" driver

Will freely switch lanes without signalling. Because, hey, it's not a safety feature, right?

The "Let's leave last night's snow on top of the car" driver

Oh, don't worry. It's just sharp ice that can hit my windshield.

The "Pedrestrian countdown is my stop sign" driver

If it's green, go.

The "Lights off" driver

Never turns on their lights at night and is basically a 65km/h shadow.

The "My lane, mine, mine, mine" driver

They won't let you merge, never heard of the zipper method and you'll probably give them an evil stare when you pass them.

The "Crosstop" driver

Will stop on the crosswalk and create a wall for pedestrians.

The "I need to Snapchat this" driver

It can wait. Really.

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