Going to Cairine Wilson meant living your dream of being a Wildcat just like High School Musical (without Zac Efron). C-Dubb made you have school spirit from the moment you walked through the doors in grade 9. From jingles to dances, Cairine Wilson is sort of the Orleans version of the musical. Wildcats are now programmed to see blue and orange and call them 'Cairine Wilson' colours instead of actually just blue and orange. 

You either loved the school spirit or stayed far away, but no matter where you stood you always felt at home.

Entering C-Dubb in grade nine was the best (yet scariest) welcome you'll ever have in your life! 

It was like walking into a blue and orange parade show, but it was memorable so thanks Link Crew.

You have explained what a 'cafetorium' is far too many times.

Yes, for the 100th time, it's a cafeteria and auditorium combined.

The giant chocolate chip cookies from the cafe were the highlight of your day.

They gave us life. 

You had the 500 Miles song stuck in your head after every single Terry Fox Walk/Run.

Or Sweet Caroline after a gym class with Mr. Clancy. 

You were either super pumped for the Polar Bear Run or you didn't even go outside, there was no in-between.

When you saw the first snowfall outside... you knew it was coming.

Lunches were either from the cafe, Subway, Al Jabal, or Golden Fries.

"All such healthy choices!" Said no one ever.

Being at a standstill in the halls and stairs while switching classes.

Honestly, shoutout to everyone that used the hidden stairwells.

You were extremely excited to move out of the Locker Bay.

Major C-Dubb milestone.

Choosing a team theme for Relay For Life was the biggest struggle.

Come on everyone. Power Rangers or Avengers. Choose one. 

You have at least 2 orange shirts in your closet.


Your relationship goals were and still are Mr. & Mrs. MacDougall.

Seriously though, they're the cutest.

Going to Coffee House and realizing you have a lot of talented classmates.

Wait she sings? Mind blown. 

Eating in the library at lunch on the down low.

You had someone on the lookout to warn you to hide it under the table.

Mr. MacDougall's annual Holiday Assembly performance was the reason you went to watch. 

Best. Part. Of. The. Show.

You either made a straw car, straw bridge, or name tag in grade 9 tech class.

And you're still struggling to throw your name tag out because you put so much effort into it.

You will forever want your handprint to be on the wall.

For those lucky enough to do it. We envy you. 

Washing blue and orange paint stains off of things has become a skill.

Honestly, we need to start putting this on our resume.

You never felt like you were spelling Cairine Wilson right.

Or you just always spelt it wrong like the people who spelt it Carnie Wilson. Smh. 

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