Once you've lived in Ottawa for long enough, you'll start to notice a pattern. Maybe you've grown up here, or maybe you moved here for school and just never left. Whatever the case is, once you've lived in Ottawa for about 5 years, I'd say you're a true Ottawan. And all of these things will end up making sense to you somehow.

It seems like our daily routines put us on autopilot and we don't even know we're doing it. Do you look at the Parliament Buildings when you drive by, or do you ignore them? We all definitely look at them, but don't realize how cool they are. That's definitely a way of knowing you've spent too much time in Ottawa since tourists live for the Parliament Buildings.

Let's just all admit we don't get out of Ottawa enough and then move on. We love routine here, don't judge us. So here are 23 signs you've spent too much time in Ottawa:

1. You prefer Mucho Burrito over Chipotle.

C'mon, we all know which one is better.

2. You know not to spend money on Bridgehead Coffee and stick to Tim Hortons.

When you're trying to save money for rent...

3. You're used to spending half your paycheque on a bus pass.

But really, #necessities

4. You have a favourite bar and refuse to go to any others.

And that favourite bar is never Tequila Jacks.

5. You're not surprised when the OC Transpo is late or just doesn't show up.

An excuse every Ottawan has made before.

6. You know not to go downtown on Canada Day anymore.

Too. Many. People.

7. You've been waaaay too drunk at the Rideau Street McDonald's.

And have also witnessed a fight outside of it too. Maybe one involving a raccoon.

8. You leave extra early for anything just because there is bound to be construction.

Ottawa = one big construction zone.

9. You're not shocked when people don't know Ottawa is the capital.

The only reason I do is because I live here. We sure it's not Toronto?

10. You have a picture in the Tomo bathroom.

It's necessary for your feed.

11. The only reason you know how to skate is because of the Rideau Canal.

Thank your mom and dad for making you skate on it when you were younger. Now you have a cute Instagram pic.

12. You know flying out of YOW is a bad idea for your wallet and avoid it at all costs.

I'd rather bus to Montreal first, thanks.

13. You're secretly waiting for the Canada Science and Tech Museum to re-open so you can relive your childhood.

I swear, if the Crazy Kitchen is gone...

14. You're too broke to go out because you gotta pay rent.

Netflix it is!

15. Some of your best memories are late at night in the ByWard Market.

SO many interesting people there. So many weird people as well.

16. You literally only know what the ByWard Market looks like at night.

Guilty. So guilty.

17. You get way too excited when something new opens up.

*Cue the Instagram pics on the rooftop of Andaz Ottawa and the obligatory Sweet Jesus posts*

18. You don't try Shawarma in any other city because you know it won't be as bomb as the ones in Ottawa.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

19. You know to befriend someone with a pool since our beaches here aren't exactly beaches.

We've all done it, don't lie.

20. -40 Weather? Bring it on. We can handle it.

We're never ready but we're always prepared.

21. Your brain is on autopilot when you're going for late night eats in the Market.

You just happen to find yourself at Zak's Diner eating the poutine. It's fine.

22. You still call it a small city.

Technically it is compared to Toronto and Montreal. Give us a break.

23. You can't call another place home.

There's a reason we spend so much time here. Ottawa is bae.

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