When we get caught in our own thoughts when we're walking alone, we get a lot of startling revelations. I do, in fact, spend too much of my tuition money on Tim Horton's bagels and yes, I am too unfit to walk up the UC stairs.

Carleton's a big school. There's a lot rushing through our heads when we're trying to walk past people in the tunnels or when we're online shopping during a lecture in the Minto Centre. Here's some of the thoughts you probably have when walking through its halls (and tunnels).

1. Oh it's the University Centre stairs again. *ties up shoelaces and stretches*

2. I suppose I could take the elevator.

3. Or go to the gym.

4. Maybe I can get a bagel at the first floor Timmies first.

5. How much of my OSAP money do I have left though?

6. Bagel it is.

7. It's November. I'll take the tunnels to class so I don't freeze to death and die.

8. Why is it so warm in here. Is that the ceiling dripping?

9. I wonder what the people who painted the art on the tunnel walls are doing now.

10. *Beep* Oh, a tunnel taxi.

11. It probably would have been faster to walk to class outside.

12. But I could have froze to death and died too, so.

13. Maybe I should have gotten another bagel at Timmies.

14. Does CU Wireless even exist?

15. *Shows up to the lecture* I guess I'll just open up my laptop and see what's happening on Facebook.

16. *Lecture ends* Solid Facebook session and I did some online shopping too.

17. I'll head to the bus I guess. Which involves going outside again. Help.

18. It's 5:25. Why am I even attempting to get on the bus.

19. Maybe if I stand at the edge of the sidewalk I'll be able to get in the bus first.

20. Why do all these people have to be here.

21. We need a new plague.

22. Oh, there's an Out of Service bus pulling up. *Anxiously waits to see what number it is*

23. Nope, it's still out of service and it's driving away.

24. Bye.

25. I'm gonna go check the times and look busy.

26. Oh, shit, it's a 111.

27. Why are you driving past me. I was perfectly aligned on the sidewalk to get in the bus.

28. K, people calm down. The bus isn't going anywhere. But seriously move too.

29. I want a seat. Please.

30. *Enters the bus and looks around for seats* There's the seats at the front, but do I want to risk it?

31. *Beep beep beep* Nope a baby in a stroller is coming in. You're not even old enough to study here.

32. Well, at least I actually got on the bus.

33. *Takes 3 hours and 40 stop signs to actually leave the campus.

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