Seeing women with the most badass jobs is always super inspiring. Maybe you're in uni right now but you're still not 100% sure what TF you're going to do when you're done. Seeing women kill it in their profession is always motivating and inspiring. We all know a girl that is slaying when it comes to her job. Whether she's a barmaid or a beauty guru, it is always super encouraging to see women kill at their jobs.

Almost every job can be badass in some way. Someone doesn't necessarily need to be a kickboxer to qualify for a badass job. Seriously, whether you're helping people in our community or giving someone the makeup look they've always wanted, every and any job can be considered badass if the person doing it slays and genuinely enjoys it.

Through Ottawa, there are a variety of women who are killing it right now. Particularly the restaurant business! There are so many strong women opening up their restaurants of their dreams. Beauty jobs are also pretty popular, from lash technicians to hairstylists there are so many talented women giving other girls the beauty treatment they deserve.

'Girl boss' jobs are always extremely encouraging to see other women take on with independence and strength. Art jobs are some of my favourites because this is when you see women take their careers to global scales. Business jobs are similar to 'girl boss' jobs as they are the definition of having courage and power. All together every single badass job that these women take on all reflect deep passion and love for what they do.

Girls With Badass Restaurant/Nightlife Jobs

Girls With Badass Beauty Jobs

Girls With Badass 'Girl Boss' Jobs

Girls With Badass Art Jobs

Girls With Badass Business Jobs

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Coco Francesca & Marlo De Leo // @thedreamlandcafe

Owners & Operators

via @thedreamlandcafe

This dynamic duo of sisters work together to create the most amazing homemade pasta at The Dreamland Cafe. Two young sisters from Ottawa opened up this pasta cafe earlier this year and have been killing the pasta game since. At 18 and 20, they are both the true definition of being badass entrepreneurs.

Tracey Clark // @bridgeheadcoffee

CEO & Founder

via @bridgeheadcoffee

Tracey began her journey with Bridgehead by volunteering. Bridgehead Coffee was Canada’s first fair trade coffee company created by social activists who wanted to help struggling Nicaraguan coffee farmers. Tracey’s passion for fair trade coffee inspired her to make an offer to purchase Bridgehead. After this, she opened the first cafe in Westboro and has grown to now have over 10 locations across Ottawa!

Susan Hamer // @sqdoughnuts


via @sqdoughnuts

Susan is the founder of the delicious Suzy Q Donuts cafe. I think every Ottawan is grateful to have SuzyQ donuts in our city. Susan's donuts weren't always served in their very own shop. She started off selling her yummy creations at a local farmers market where they quickly became a local favourite and after hard work and dedication Susan opened up her own donut cafe.

Nina Dadfar // @ninadadfar


Nina Dadfar works at Ppl. Nightclub and she serves up drinks all night long. Whether you're going to Ppl. for a chill night out or a night full of dancing and partying, Ppl. Nightclub has you covered. Nina is a great bartender and will never disappoint!

Michelle Dahdah // @macaronscanada

Head Chef

via @macaronscanada

Can we all take a moment to thank Michelle for all of the great sweets and treats that she makes so wonderfully? Michelle is a head pastry chef at Quelque Chose Pâtisserie and she is responsible for creating the delicious macarons and treats that they sell. She brings her passion, creativity, and knowledge about French pastries to work every day and we are so grateful for the yummy things she makes.

Amanda Belli // @amandavbelli

Mati Ottawa Owner

via @amandavbelli

Amanda is an owner of the new Mati Ottawa restaurant that just opened up last week. Mati Ottawa serves up styles of cooking which have been created for generations in Greece and Italy. Amanda began her journey towards being an owner of Mati Ottawa through passionately working at Evoo Greek Kitchen and is now #goals as an owner of Mati Ottawa!

Ariane // @arianelvss

VIP Bottle Server

via @kavalinightclub

Ariane plays an essential role at Kavali nightclub. She is absolutely stunning and serves VIP bottle service. She attends the University of Ottawa and is currently working towards a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. Head to Kavali nightclub for a fun night and to see Ariane killing it at VIP bottle service.

Little Jo // @littlejoberrys

Owner & Head Baker

via @littlejoberrys

Little Jo has a great passion for creating delicious vegan treats. She was trained in specialty baking and learned how to bake through hands-on experience. Little Jo loves working with other local businesses and work together to make magic. Little Jo Berry's is a cafe that every vegan has to try in Ottawa, from vegan pizza to vegan Poptarts, Little Jo Berry's is a force to be reckoned with.

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Kelley // @prettylegends_


via @prettylegends_

Kelley is a stylist at Texture Hair Salon Ottawa and she knows how to style hair like a pro. If you're in search for someone that will give you a new look to start this new year, Kelley has got your back. She is very personable and has great skills when it comes to styling, haircuts, and dye jobs Kelley is unreal.

Taryn Miller // @tarynmakeup

Makeup Artist & Founder of Taryn Lashes

via @tarynmakeup

Makeup. On. Point. Seriously, there is not one thing wrong with Taryn's makeup. Taryn is an award-winning, Ottawa-based  makeup artist with over 10 years of experience in the beauty world. Her luxurious 3D Mink Lashes are all handcrafted and reusable. Taryn is a badass inside and out and we love her for it.

Harriet Cull // @lashesbyharrietcull

Esthetician & Certified Eyelash Extension Technician @harrietcull

Harriet Cull will take you from having a weak lash game to having the strongest lashes ever. She has worked in the esthetic industry for over 10 years so she knows exactly what she is doing. She loves making her clients feel their best and look their best. Make your way to Smudge Beauty Bar for the treatment your lashes deserve.

Stefania Capovilla // @stefaniacapovilla

Owner & Hairstylist

via @stefaniacapovilla

Stefania is the owner and hairstylist at Society Salon. She is also an Algonquin College Hairstylist Diploma Program Instructor. Stefania is most famously known for styling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's hair. She provides Ottawans with their best hair days and we are all super grateful.

Marielle // @girlandvanity

Makeup Blogger & Youtube Content Creator

via @girlandvanity

If you're looking for a beauty blog to follow that will give you plenty of reviews and tutorials, look no further. Marielle's blog and Youtube channel will help you fulfill many of your beauty information needs. Whether you're wondering about a new drugstore foundation or you're looking for a great Ottawan hair salon, Marielle reviews everything!

Mandy Mammoletti // @lashtingimpressions

Eyelash Technician

via @lashtingimpressions

Mandy Mammoletti is a 4x Certified Eyelash Technician and she can take your lashes from zero to 100. Seriously, if you're looking to get some eyelash extensions then look no further. Mandy has years of experience when it comes to giving lashes the love that they deserve.

Aya Hamed // @beautybyaya

Aya Beauty Studio Owner

via @beautybyaya

Aya Hamed is the owner of Aya Beauty Studio. She is a badass pro when it comes to anything and everything beauty. Aya is legit a jack of all trades. Her salon offers lash lifts, brow waxing, and Nano brow tattoos. So if you're in need of a real pampering, Aya has got you.

Le Velimirović // @lenailtech

Nail Artist

via @lenailtech

How stunning are these nails?! La Vel does the most stunning nail designs ever. What is more badass than giving someone the feeling of being a badass too with amazing stiletto nails. From marble to snowflake to bedazzled, La Vel will give you any nail look that you want.

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Jess Tomlin // @thematchfund

President & CEO

This year Jess was named 2017's Most Innovative Woman of the Year, need I say more about why she's a boss? She is the President and CEO of The MATCH International Women’s Fund, Canada’s only global fund for women. Jess has worked in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and Asia for a range of foundations including the World Bank and the United Nations. Jess is also a writer for the Huffington Post and is 100% slaying at being a Girl Boss.

Courtney Symons // @courtneysymons

Partner Marketing Manager

via @courtneysymons

Courtney doesn't only work at Shopify as a Partner Marketing Manager, she is also an author who has published and continues to write books. She has a bachelor of journalism and a bachelor of education. Her team at Shopify runs the Shopify Web Design & Development Blog and creates many pieces of content including guidebooks, webinars, and the Grow book series.

Andrea Dicks // @andreamdicks

Chief Operating Officervia @andreamdicks

Andrea Dicks is the Chief Operating Officer at helps Canadians invest in making Canada's communities better places to live, work and play. Andrea isn't only the COO of CFC, she is also a talented photographer who loves adventure.

Marcia Green // @nelligan_obrien_payne

Associate Lawyer

via @nelligan_obrien_payne

Marcia Green is an associate lawyer at Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP. She practices in areas of wills, estates, and civil litigation. Marcia was a member of the Organizing Committee of the CCLA Civil Litigation Conference and is the Past-President of the Women’s Business Network of Ottawa.

Cheryl Jensen // @algonquincollege


via @algonquincollege

With over 30 years experience in the college system, it's no wonder Cheryl is the President of Algonquin College. Cheryl Jensen joined Algonquin College in 2014 as the eighth College President. Jensen is the first female president of the college and continues to bring new programs and opportunities for students.

Shereen Munshi // @shereenmunshi

Communications Manager

via @shereenmunshi

Shereen is the Communications Manager at The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada. The Circle is a network to promote giving, sharing, and philanthropy in Indigenous communities across the country. She has a passion for true equality, cultural preservation, and aiding in the journey toward true reconciliation.

Céline Lévesque // @uottawa

Faculty of Law Dean & Professor

Dean Lévesque is an expert in International Investment Law. She is also a full-time professor at the University of Ottawa. Dean Lévesque has been a dean since 2014 and she previously served as Vice-Dean (Academic) of the Civil Law Section. She has published many journal articles, book chapters, and reports. Before joining the University, she worked at the World Bank in Washington, DC, in a group focused on private participation in infrastructure.

Margaret Beckel // @museumofnature

President and Chief Executive Officer

Margaret Beckel is the President and CEO of the Canadian Museum of Nature. She has incredible leadership skills and has a ton of knowledge of arts and culture. Beckel previously worked at the University of Waterloo where she held the position of Vice-President, External Relations and was responsible for Development, Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs, and Government and Institutional Relations. With the many years of experience and her current position, it's no wonder she's a #GirlBoss.

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Devon Fiddler // @shenativegoods

Founder & Chief Changemaker

via @shenativegoods

Devon is a social entrepreneur and the Chief Changemaker of SheNative Goods Inc, a brand that creates stunning handbags and accessories. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Aboriginal Public Administration from the University of Saskatchewan and has completed numerous leadership, economic development, entrepreneurship and business certificate programs.

Marie Ernst // @mariesbazaar

Fashion Blogger

via @mariesbazaar

Marie Ernst kills the game in every way possible. She slays when it comes to fashion and knows a ton about beauty and travel. Her blog includes a range of topics, from makeup looks to outfits to where to getaway next, Marie has got your back.

Chelsea Lundy // @chelsdrawsyou

Digital Fingerpainter

via @chelsdrawsyou

If you love artwork then you have to check out Chelsea's pieces. She has created hundreds of Digital Fingerpaintings and they are incredibly unique. Using just her iPhone Chelsea is able to capture images of families, couples, and pets and they are all super cute.

Vanessa Morgan // @vanessamorgan


via @vanessamorgan

If you watched season two of Riverdale it won't take you long to know that this is Toni Topaz and what's more badass than being a Serpent?! Vanessa Morgan's hometown is Ottawa believe it or not! She grew up in Crystal Bay (Nepean) and went to Colonel By High School. Vanessa continues to make Ottawans super proud and we will always support our fellow Ottawan.

Alexandra Leslie // @hemphippie155

Handmade Jewellery Maker

If you love genuine handmade jewelry then you have to check out Alexandra's cute pendants. She takes custom orders and makes everything by hand. Each piece of jewelry is crafted for you with love and care. She also makes adorable cards that tend to be super punny.

Elle Mills // @elle.mills

Youtube Content Creator

via @elle.mills

If you're not already subscribed to Elle then what are you doing?! Elle is absolutely hilarious, seriously I think it's impossible to get through one of her videos without laughing. Her videos are extremely creative and range from videos with her teachers, movie trailers and hilarious lifestyle videos. She just recently married her sister's boyfriend... let's just say it didn't go over so well with her family (but it was f-ing hilarious)!

Kelly Margaret // @kellymargaretphotography

via @kellymargaretphotography

Kelly Margaret is a wedding photographer and she takes the most stunning photos ever. They say when you love your job, you're good at it too, Kelly is a clear representation of that saying. She is super passionate about taking photos and capturing memories. Kelly is a graduate of the photography program at Algonquin College and takes seriously stunning images.

Solange // @hennabysolange

Henna Artist

via @hennabysolange

Solange will give you the most unreal henna designs here in Ottawa. For many years Solange has been applying henna to people for events such as Eid, weddings, and birthdays. Her art is super detailed and beautiful for any special occasion. Solange is a self-taught henna artist and has been creating pieces on peoples hands since 2014.

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Dr. Joël Villeneuve //  @dr.joelnd

Founder of Revivelife

via @dr.joelnd

Dr. Joël ND is the founder of Revivelife. Revivelife is a clinic that is focused on longevity medicines and overall wellness. Dr. Joël ND is dedicated to looking towards alternative lifestyle methods of improving health rather than simply prescribing a medication. She is a wife and mother of two children #GOALS.

Rida Rehman // @ridasgonnafeedya

NutriDirect Meals Owner

via @ridasgonnafeedya

Rida is a CNP Holistic nutritionist who has a passion and love for healthy living and delicious foods. She started NutriDirect Meals to provide Ottawans with healthy meals delivered to homes with vegan and gluten-free options. The meals are designed and prepared by Nutritionists and chefs so you already know they're good for you. Rida is a strong and passionate entrepreneur through and through.

Victoria Lennox //  @vlennox

Founder & CEO of Startup Canada

via @startup.canada

Victoria is responsible for creating one of Canada's first ever entrepreneur lead national startup movement. Startup Canada gives a voice to beginning entrepreneurs and supports networks of grassroots Startup Communities. Victoria is known for creating meaningful political and policy changes to advance entrepreneurship.

Candace Enman // @welch_llp

President of WelchGroup Consulting

via @welch_llp

Candace Enman is this year's winner of the Businesswoman of the Year Award and we know why. After gaining her Commerce Degree from the University of Ottawa, Candace worked hard to get to her President position at WelchGroup Consulting. WelchGroup trusted Candace's hard work ethic to create an entirely new division within their Consulting practice and Candace was perfect for the job.

Holly Warner // @hollywarnerhealth

Holistic Practitioner & Founder of The Wild Carrot

via @hollywarnerhealth

Holly Warner doesn't believe in finding temporary band-aid solutions to fix any health problems, Warner is an advocate for using holistic approaches to wellness. She studied nutrition at Stanford University and never fails to give helpful advice when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

Colleen Francis // @colleenengage

Engage Selling Solutions Owner

via @colleenengage

Driven by a passion for sales and results, Colleen strives for and succeeds in marketing and leadership. She is a Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Award-winning Sales Strategist, Best Selling Author and a successful sales leader. For over 20 years, she has been taking on sales with drive and passion.

Parmees // @parmees_

Founder of The PPP Academy

via @parmees_

Parmees is a badass boss to the maximum degree. She is a functional lifestyle and mindset coach, speaker, and health and fitness specialist. Parmees has a Bachelor in Psychology and Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa. Her passions are deeply rooted in positive psychology, holistic health, and emotional intelligence. She has helped hundreds of clients find their path to peak performance. Did I mention she slays while doing all of this too?!

Sandra Tisiot // @wibconf

Founder & President

Sandra Tisiot is the Founder and President of the Women In Business Conference. Every year Ottawa holds a conference where women in business can share, inspire, and connect. Sandra brings talented, extraordinary women to the stage to spend a fun day of connection, sharing, education, inspiration, and motivation. Many women featured in this list attended this conference to inspire one another annually.

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