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40 Girls With Badass Jobs In Ottawa

Who run the world? GIRLS.

Seeing women with the most badass jobs is always super inspiring. Maybe you're in uni right now but you're still not 100% sure what TF you're going to do when you're done. Seeing women kill it in their profession is always motivating and inspiring. We all know a girl that is slaying when it comes to her job. Whether she's a barmaid or a beauty guru, it is always super encouraging to see women kill at their jobs.

Almost every job can be badass in some way. Someone doesn't necessarily need to be a kickboxer to qualify for a badass job. Seriously, whether you're helping people in our community or giving someone the makeup look they've always wanted, every and any job can be considered badass if the person doing it slays and genuinely enjoys it.

Through Ottawa, there are a variety of women who are killing it right now. Particularly the restaurant business! There are so many strong women opening up their restaurants of their dreams. Beauty jobs are also pretty popular, from lash technicians to hairstylists there are so many talented women giving other girls the beauty treatment they deserve.

'Girl boss' jobs are always extremely encouraging to see other women take on with independence and strength. Art jobs are some of my favourites because this is when you see women take their careers to global scales. Business jobs are similar to 'girl boss' jobs as they are the definition of having courage and power. All together every single badass job that these women take on all reflect deep passion and love for what they do.

Girls With Badass Restaurant/Nightlife Jobs

Girls With Badass Beauty Jobs

Girls With Badass 'Girl Boss' Jobs

Girls With Badass Art Jobs

Girls With Badass Business Jobs

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