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40 Girls With Badass Jobs In Ottawa
Girls With Badass Restaurant/Nightlife Jobs 

Who run the world? GIRLS.

Coco Francesca & Marlo De Leo // @thedreamlandcafe

Owners & Operators

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This dynamic duo of sisters work together to create the most amazing homemade pasta at The Dreamland Cafe. Two young sisters from Ottawa opened up this pasta cafe earlier this year and have been killing the pasta game since. At 18 and 20, they are both the true definition of being badass entrepreneurs.

Tracey Clark // @bridgeheadcoffee

CEO & Founder

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Tracey began her journey with Bridgehead by volunteering. Bridgehead Coffee was Canada’s first fair trade coffee company created by social activists who wanted to help struggling Nicaraguan coffee farmers. Tracey’s passion for fair trade coffee inspired her to make an offer to purchase Bridgehead. After this, she opened the first cafe in Westboro and has grown to now have over 10 locations across Ottawa!

Susan Hamer // @sqdoughnuts


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Susan is the founder of the delicious Suzy Q Donuts cafe. I think every Ottawan is grateful to have SuzyQ donuts in our city. Susan's donuts weren't always served in their very own shop. She started off selling her yummy creations at a local farmers market where they quickly became a local favourite and after hard work and dedication Susan opened up her own donut cafe.

Nina Dadfar // @ninadadfar


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Nina Dadfar works at Ppl. Nightclub and she serves up drinks all night long. Whether you're going to Ppl. for a chill night out or a night full of dancing and partying, Ppl. Nightclub has you covered. Nina is a great bartender and will never disappoint!

Michelle Dahdah // @macaronscanada

Head Chef

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Can we all take a moment to thank Michelle for all of the great sweets and treats that she makes so wonderfully? Michelle is a head pastry chef at Quelque Chose Pâtisserie and she is responsible for creating the delicious macarons and treats that they sell. She brings her passion, creativity, and knowledge about French pastries to work every day and we are so grateful for the yummy things she makes.

Amanda Belli // @amandavbelli

Mati Ottawa Owner

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Amanda is an owner of the new Mati Ottawa restaurant that just opened up last week. Mati Ottawa serves up styles of cooking which have been created for generations in Greece and Italy. Amanda began her journey towards being an owner of Mati Ottawa through passionately working at Evoo Greek Kitchen and is now #goals as an owner of Mati Ottawa!

Ariane // @arianelvss

VIP Bottle Server

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Ariane plays an essential role at Kavali nightclub. She is absolutely stunning and serves VIP bottle service. She attends the University of Ottawa and is currently working towards a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. Head to Kavali nightclub for a fun night and to see Ariane killing it at VIP bottle service.

Little Jo // @littlejoberrys

Owner & Head Baker

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Little Jo has a great passion for creating delicious vegan treats. She was trained in specialty baking and learned how to bake through hands-on experience. Little Jo loves working with other local businesses and work together to make magic. Little Jo Berry's is a cafe that every vegan has to try in Ottawa, from vegan pizza to vegan Poptarts, Little Jo Berry's is a force to be reckoned with.

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