Is it just me, or does everyone get nostalgic around the holidays? You rewatch the same holiday movies, you put up the same ornaments you've had since you were a kid, and you still feel like that kid every Christmas morning. But what we often forget about what used to get us through the holidays–Disney Channel holiday episodes and original movies.

Don't act like you never looked forward to watching the Family Channel to see what Popcorn Pix Christmas movie would be on (we all secretly hoped for The Ultimate Christmas Present). And the lineup of holiday episodes was LIT. Man, if we only had that saying back in the day. Anyways, refresh your memory with this list 8 best Disney Channel holiday episodes/movies every millennial will remember.

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1. That's So Raven // Escape Clause

How could you forget this episode? We definitely all stopped snooping in our parents closet after watching this. If you can't remember, Raven opens her gift from her parents early, and decides to wear it to school where it unfortunately breaks. She then has to leave her family tradition and enlists her BFFs Eddie and Chelsea to help her figure her shit out. Of course, it all works out in the end but man, what a stressful episode?

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2. Lizzie McGuire // Aaron Carter’s Coming to Town

The most rebellious thing Lizzie McGuire has ever done was sneak onto the set of Aaron Carter's music video. I mean, wouldn't we all do that for Justin Bieber now? Maybe not, but at least Lizzie was an original fangirl. With Gordo, Miranda and Matt in tow, of course everything goes wrong but also so right. Aaron Carter's manager lets Lizzie meet Aaron, who ends up kissing her under the mistletoe. And they all end up in his music video 'I Want Candy'. That song is probably stuck in your head now, #sorrynotsorry.

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3. The Suite Life of Zach and Cody // Christmas at the Tipton

Snowed in at the Tipton? They acted like it was a bad thing, where as we would be stoked AF. Anyway. A pregnant woman gets stuck in the elevator, making this episode so unbearably dramatic. And the whole episode, all Zach and Cody want is for their parents to get back together *sigh* But the worst part is when Arwin can't figure out why it's so damn cold in the hotel. We were all rooting for you, Arwin!

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4. Even Stevens // Heck of a Hanukkah

We've all been there, when you think you're a burden to your family but really no realistic reason. Louis in this episode ends up breaking all of the Hanukkah gifts accidentally, and thinks the family would be better off without him. In a "It's A Wonderful Life" kind of parody, Louis' great grandmother Bubbie Rose appears from the dead and shows Louis what the Stevens family would really look like without him. Awwwww.

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5. The Ultimate Christmas Present

Let's be real, we all wanted to be Allie and Samantha in this movie. Even though it snows pretty much everywhere in Canada, imagine being able to have a snow day whenever you wanted? I know all Disney Channel movies are supposed to teach us a lesson, and I guess this one is 'be careful what you wish for, 'cause you just might get it' but man, the jealousy. When this snow machine breaks, everything turns awful and the girls regret it. But realistically, would you ever regret a snow day?

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6. Hannah Montana // Killing Me Softly With His Height

When Miley figures out she's dating an actual elf. In this episode, Miley gets mad at Oliver for being super shallow when it comes to dating. However, Miley agrees to go on a date with a guy that is shorter than her while Christmas shopping, and realizes she's doing the same thing. It's a Christmas lesson for sure, and of course Miley ends up apologizing and they end up going out on a real date. So cute.

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7. Phil of the Future // Christmas Break

What was a better way to spend a holiday than with the Diffys? In this episode, Phil tells Keely about the time when they were stuck in the 21st Century, which was also the first time he saw her. Since he has a huge crush on her, which we all knew, he tries to save the day by going back in time to try and stop Pim from ruining Keely's Christmas Star. If only most guys had that much dedication, amirite?

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8. Lizzie McGuire // Xtreme Xmas

Things you know Steven Tyler from: The song 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing' and this weird episode of Lizzie McGuire. Anyway. Lizzie gets super pissed when Gordo and her family ditches her when she's making a Christmas float, and then experiences an out-of-body dream where she is taught several selfless lessons. Oh, and her real life sister appears for like one minute. Weird.

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