I imagine that the person who invented the burrito was sitting in the Sun one day and asked themselves, "How can we take tacos to the next level?" That's exactly what the burrito is. They're stuffed beyond capacity with deep fried beans and pulled pork and enclosed at the top as a way to attempt to keep everything in. Tacos have had their time in the limelight. Today we're talking about burritos.

Here's 8 places in Ottawa that serve up some of the best southwestern-style burritos:

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Burrito Gringo // Various Locations

Price: $8.85 ($7.35 for a small, but it's only an extra $1.50, right?)

When judging a burrito, it's always about scale, and Burrito Gringo's burritos pack a hefty tortilla with loads of rice, deep fried beans and your choice of meat. There's also vegetarian options, which include complimentary guacamole -- one of my only incentives to give up meat for a burrito.

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Burrito Shack // Various Locations

Price: Regular ($8.99) and small ($7.69)

A nearby Carleton fav (at their Sunnyside location), Burrito Shack gives you a long list of customizable options to add to their generously-sized burritos.

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TacoLot // 194 Nepean St.

Price: $7.50 - $9.75

Seven different fixed burrito options, including a well-stuffed vegetarian option with cheese, Pico de Gallo (variation of salsa), black beans, rice and pickled cabbage. For the meat lovers, the standard spicy beef burrito should just do the trick.

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Agave Grill // 1331 Wellington St.

Price: $16.00 - $18.00 (including a side)

For those looking for a sit-down restaurant atmosphere, Agave Grill, which serves southwestern American and Mexican fare, offers three variations of burritos: Chicken or beef, shrimp or a veggie option. Rather than just warming the tortilla, they also top it off with a nice amount of red chipotle sauce to brighten up the dish.

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Ahora // 307 Dalhousie St.

Price: $6.25 - $9.25

Soft tortilla burritos right in the ByWard Market that are stuffed with cheese, rice and beans, among other toppings, like a small spread of sour cream.

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Feleena's // 742 Bank St.

The jack cheese and the heavenly white sauce atop these long, fresh tortillas is some of the best on Bank. The atmosphere of Feleena's at its little corner location is also a plus-side and makes you feel like you're in Mexico. All the burritos are stuffed with the usual: Beans, rice, Pico de Gallo. There's four variations of meat you can put on the inside: Beef, chicken, seafood, or no meat at all.

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Burrito Borracho // 105A Clarence St.

Price: $8.50 - $12.00

The burrito titan of the ByWard Market. Whether you like them with grilled chicken or pork (or perhaps Dos Carnes with both), their burritos are incredibly filling, even the smaller sizes.

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Corazon de Maiz // 55 ByWard Market Square

Price: $8.00 (medium) or $9.00 (large)

An absolute burrito gem in the ByWard Market building that serves up a heavy burrito on a whole wheat or white tortilla. There's no sides included, but don't let that premium price fend you off. The burrito should do just the trick for your appetite. Also, check out some of the sauces on the counter (sweet chipotle, hello).

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