When you think of the term "problematic fave", the OC Transpo should be something that comes to mind. It's pretty well known that everyone has mixed opinions about our city-wide "24/7" bus service. Will it come on time? Will it ever come? We'll never really know for sure.

We are all, by nature, an inquisitive species. Especially when we have to wait 15 minutes for a bus that should've been here 30 minutes ago, or when we end up missing a bus that should've come 5 minutes after we got to our stops.

Here are 9 questions we need the answers to, OC Transpo.

1. Why are "Time Stops" a thing?

If no one wants to get on the bus, who are we even waiting for? I'd love to be home early, but I guess we'll just stay at the station for another 7&1/2 minutes with the doors closed. That's cool too.

2. Why are people even allowed to ring to stop the bus when it's the last stop?

It's a 91 Baseline. It will stop at Baseline.

3. Why do 95s that only go to Tunneys Pasture exist?

What's the point? I just don't get it.

4. Why does the bus only ever have two temperatures?

I get that it's cold outside, but why does the bus feel like 30 degrees... I'm cold but I'm not that cold.

5. What's the point of having a translation for a stop if it's basically saying the same thing with a French accent?


6. Shouldn't there be more service on days with snowstorms... Not the other way around?

Highways are blocked already. But we usually let this one slide, it's expected.

7. And what is up with Sunday service?

Or the lack of, really. 

8.  Can we invest in some air freshener or something?

For those who ignore the concept of daily hygiene. Please spare me.

9. How long will uOttawa students have to live without our beloved bus stop?

I know, this one is kinda selfish. But please hurry up it's freezing outside.

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