Every year, Bluesfest becomes more and more popular. As Ottawa's most famous music festival, there's an artist for everyone, and so it attracts crowds of different personalities, and such become more distinguishable with whatever trend is popular that year.

Whether you've been to Bluefest before or not, here's a guide about the types of people you'll definitely encounter at the festival:

 The Girl Wearing A Flower Crown

They don't actually know the artists but who cares? They're doing it for the 'gram. And when people ask how the festival was, they'll just show them pictures of their outfits with the concert in the background. Still counts, right?

The Shy One

The one who stands at the very back and looks like they're having an awful time but crowds just make them really anxious. Don't you worry, they're singing along to every one of Kanye's lyrics in their head–and killing it, too.

The Boozer

Rarely makes it 5 feet away from the beer tent. And when they do, they spill their drinks on innocent bystanders. Also tries to skip the line by making drunk conversation with people in line. Not today, buddy.

Photo Cred - We Heart It

The Camper

The devout fan who camps outside of the gates to get front row centre. Also likely hasn't showered in 48 hours, but it's fine cause music is life.

The Couple High On Love

The couple who is clearly on drugs that grind and make out the entire time. Hey, uhm, guys? There's an entire crowd around you... Incase you forgot. We're also at a Marianas Trench concert so please chill.

Baby Dearest

The child who looks like they aren't even in 5th grade. Not sure where their parents are or why they're at AC/DC.

The 'Cool' Parents

On the other hand, baby dearest has protective parents. You can count on them to be somewhere close in the crowd, butchering the lyrics to every single song Iggy Azalea is rapping. Excuse me, ma'am, Blue Rodeo isn't playing until tomorrow night.

The Country Boy

Buys a full pass yet only goes to see the typical country singers. Also can be spotted by obviously wearing a cutoff plaid shirt, jorts, and an old cowboy hat while painfully serenading the crowd with his off-key singing (aka yelling).

Photo cred - We Heart It

The Crowd Pusher

The fans who spent way too long pre-drinking and show up late, but still want to get up close and personal to their favourite artists by using their elbows are daggers. Don't be this kind of person, please. Plus, Keith Urban's hair looks way better from afar anyways.

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