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Best Of Ottawa: The 18 Most Trendy Places Right Now


You may be thinking: "Ottawa has things that are trendy?! WTF". Yes, Ottawa is home to quite a few spots that are super trendy. We do have a bad rep, but to be honest, Ottawa is really picking up steam when it comes to trends. Don't forget that this summer we were one of the few cities to have watermelon ice cream and it's also noteworthy that we are the first city to get a Mad Radish.

Although you may feel like Ottawa is super boring, it really isn't. All it takes is some exploration and research on Narcity (shameless plug) to have the most trendy time. 

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Uji Café //  215 Rideau Street

So matcha to choose from! Uji Cafe serves up everything matcha, from tea to cakes this place is a matcha wonderland.

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Quelque Chose Pâtisserie // Multiple Locations

This absolutely adorable cafe offers super trendy sweet treats. From macaron ice cream sandwiches to insane milkshakes, definitely head here to be trendy AF. 

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Andaz Ottawa Byward Market // 325 Dalhousie St

Sip on your favorite drinks while enjoying views of Ottawa. Andaz is definitely one of the most trendy upscale bars in the city. 

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Burrito Sensei // 199 Bank Street

Conquer two food trends at once at this spot in Ottawa. Poke bowls and sushi burritos are both extremely trendy at the moment and they're both worth trying.

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Little Jo Berry's // 1305 Wellington St

This all vegan cafe knows how to be trendy.  From emoji shaped macarons, to charcoal ice cream, to ice cream served in a watermelon this cafe screams trendy. 

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J'adore Beauty Bar & Lounge // 329 Elgin Street

Be treated like the royalty that you are at this beauty bar. While at this cute trendy spot you can get your nails done while sipping on some wine, what's better than a day to unwind?!

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Maverick's Donuts // 1500 Bank Street

Cute and unreal donuts are totally trendy right now. This simple donut shop will satisfy all of your donut cravings. Maverick's Donuts also sells vegan donuts, so no matter your preference, they have you covered. 

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Nordik Spa-Nature // 16 Chemin Nordik

If you always see infinity pools with amazing views on people's IG and you wish you get that gram as well, then just head here. Nordik Spa-Nature has so many incredible views and every photo you take will be trendy AF.

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RAW Pulp and Grind // 440 Preston Street

Head to RAW Pulp and Grind to try out a delicious and trendy acaii bowl. Acaii bowls are soooooo popular and this spot in Ottawa is perfect if you want to try them out.

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Her Esthetician // 138 Sparks Street

What's more trendy than a marble manicure?! At Her Esthetician, you can get this boss nail design perfect for any outfit. 

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Holland's Cake and Shake // 229 Armstrong Street

Insanely huge and outrageous milkshakes are totally in right now. This cake and shake shop makes the most insane shakes topped with cake, cookies, brownie, and even some cotton candy! 

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Burgers n' Fries Forever // Multiple Locations

This burger place is super trendy. From their crazy Rick and Morty burgers to the delicious cookie dough ice cream sandwiches, this place is a real trendsetter. 

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Paradise Poké // 134 Bank Street

Get ready because this trendy spot is opening super soon in Ottawa. If you're looking to try out the iconic Poke bowls then you have to head here. They will also be serving up refreshing acai bowls, basically, this is the paradise for trends. 

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Mantovani 1946 // 87 Murray St

This gelato spot will make you feel like you've stepped into a cute cafe in Italy. Mantovani sells delicious gelato as well as unique desserts perfect for a trendy Insta.

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Golden Bubbles // 11 William Street

Bubble waffle cones are currently totally trendy. This waffle shop just opened up in Ottawa this summer and you have to check it out.

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La Catrina Churros Dessert Bar // 105 B Clarence Street

A churro cafe? Yes, please. This churro dessert bar is super cute and trendy. It's perfect for anyone that loves sweet treats.

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The King Eddy // 45 Clarence Street

Waffles and fried chicken. The trend that arrived in Ottawa and is here to stay. The King Eddy sells this unreal combo and you have to try it at least once. 

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Presotea Bubble Tea // Multiple Locations

Bubble tea served inside a lightbulb... also known as the epitome of trendy. This is a super unique and trendy way of drinking your favourite tea.

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