It can definitely be tough to start out at a school that you know nothing about. Although you're surrounded by people who also have no idea what they're doing, it's easy to feel alone. But I'm here to help you with all the things you need to know about Algonquin College since starter packs are usually just lame but funny pictures that mean nothing.

This detailed starter pack will help you out in all aspects of being an Algonquin College student. If you want to survive your first year, these tips will help to get you through. Okay, so I'm making it sound way more dramatic than it actually is; you will survive without these tips, but you'll thank me for them later. So here are 19 brutally honest tips that will give you the upper hand on this school year:

1. See how long you can go without buying a single textbook.

Because 85% of the time you won't open it.

2. Even if you think it's a good idea, don't buy an Algonquin College sweater.

It's just awkward.

3. Stay away from the packaged sushi in the cafeteria.

Do I need to say why?

4. Don't expect a frosh week to happen.

It's just not going to happen.

5. There are two kinds of people at Algonquin.

The ones waiting in the Tim Hortons line and the ones waiting in the Starbucks line. You must choose which one you want to be.

6. There are some weird people around.

If you see someone wearing a tail, just don't react. You'll get used to it.

7. Your internet connection will be brutal.

And you'll just have to deal with it.

8. If you have more than a 3 hour break, stay at school and work on assignments.

Seriously, having a 5 hour break to do work is a blessing for your social life.

9. But if you can, study at home.

Avoid the 'studying' at the library at all costs.

10. Buy Sorels and/or UGGs.

You'll fit in just fine.

11. Never be surprised if there's a random concert going on in Student Commons.

Never be surprised with anything that goes on in Student Commons.

12. Try the pizza in the main cafeteria.

You're welcome.

13. If you want to meet a hot guy, look out for the paramedic students.

Those uniforms though...

14. Find a squad during your first few months in your program.

Your class will be small so it's easier to make friends. Hold onto those friends, you'll need them.

15. Get a student I.D card.

There are tons of discounts you can use with it.

16. Just save your money on a parking pass and take advantage of your 'free' bus pass.

Finding parking at Algonquin is like a maze. Your time is precious.

17. Put a budget aside for the Print Shop.

It sounds ridiculous but it's so worth it. The funds add up, believe me.

18. Try not to go to College Square on your short breaks.

You don't need clothes and you can pack food from home. I realize breaks can be boring but spend that money on something else. Which brings me to my last point...

19. Get a $35.00 massage by students of the massage therapy program.

If you're feeling super stressed out, reward yourself with a great massage. Don't be freaked out that it's by students either, they know exactly what they're doing.

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