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Do’s & Don’ts: A Guide For People Who Just Moved To Ottawa

Tips to keep you sane.

Moving to a new city can be very difficult. If you don't know anyone, you feel alone, you don't know who to ask about OC Transpo times and the ByWard Market seems super hard to navigate on your own. I totally get it. However, Ottawa is welcoming, cultured and of course, beautiful. No other city can compare. 

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There are a ton of things Ottawans love to hate about Ottawa, and you're bound to figure those things out. However, there are also so many reasons to move to Ottawa. From the hot summers to the Rideau Canal in the winter, it's a pretty great city. And it's more than just a government city.

So if you're making the move or have already made the move, here are some do's and don'ts you need to know. 

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