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Expectations VS Reality Of Living In Ottawa

It's all fun and games until...

Ottawa is a wonderful city, and it happens to be the capital of Canada as well. With unreal food that you must try, to amazing views from an outdoor patio, to hiking in Gatineau Park, you really can't complain about living here. Or can you?

It's only normal for us to expect things. Our mind creates these imaginary lives that we hope to one day live in, and when we realize we expected too much, it's heartbreaking. I mean, it took us so long to get a Chipotle, so what do you expect?

Whether you're moving here for the first time, or have grown up here, you'll come to realize that you expected way more of the city than what it was going to give you. Now our apartments aren't as expensive as Toronto or Montreal, but let's just say nothing is what you would expect it to be in Ottawa. Aka, the city isn't cheap. 

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