If you've seen FRIENDS before, you can probably agree it's the greatest show ever made. No show will ever be as comforting or feel as at home than this one does. You truly feel like this group of six is your group of friends, and all of their jokes are your inside jokes. Even though their lives truly made no sense, and there is no way any of them could afford to live in New York City with their job titles, you still know which character you would be as well as all of your friends (if you got Ross or Monica... sorry).

It's fun to think of how different the dynamic would be if FRIENDS was filmed anywhere else. It just works so well in New York City, but it's also unrealistic. Los Angeles? Joey probably would have been more famous, Ross definitely wouldn't have fit in at all and Phoebe would have been full on vegan and a PETA advocate. But think about if this group of six lived in Ottawa and how different their lives would be. Actually, don't think about it. Just let me explain how it would have gone down.

1. Central Perk = Origin Trade

They have a similar iconic burgundy couch. Do I need to say more? Okay, Origin Trade is a perfect match for Central Perk. It has a similar vibe with the brick interior and it's where friends in their 20's go to hang out and catch up. I doubt they get the same group of friends there every single day, but it wouldn't surprise me if the decor or Origin Trade was based off of Central Perk. If you're lucky, you'll find a very pale man with bleach blonde hair that falls in love with one of your friends. Or you. Free coffee, please!

2. Chandler would work in the Financial District downtown.

No one has any idea what Chandler actually does–we just know he puts in numbers but it doesn't actually matter if he does or not. You would probably find Chandler getting off the OC Transpo along with all the other people in suits, looking like they're super important. Since 'transponding' and advertising have no connection whatsoever, Chandler would probably still have trouble finding a job here.

3. Monica and Rachel's apartment would be in Westboro.

A very trendy spot for overpriced apartments, so Monica's apartment fits in just right. Westboro Village is a spot that has so many cute restaurants, boutiques and coffee shops so both Monica and Rachel would be living the life. And yes, Chandler and Joey do still live across the hall.

4. Phoebe would play her guitar in the popular spots around the ByWard Market.

Outside the BeaverTails shack, outside of Tuckers Marketplace–all of the areas you usually see street performers, you'd find Phoebe. She isn't afraid to dazzle a crowd with her 'talent' and wants to be heard by everyone. The market is the perfect place for Phoebe to showcase her underwhelming guitar talents and get a little extra cash. People in Ottawa are nice and like to have a laugh, so Phoebe's music would feel at home to us Ottawans.

5. Ross would work at the Canadian Museum of Nature.

This museum is filled with Dinosaurs so Ross would be on cloud 9. Instead of Rachel working overtime at Ralph Lauren with Mark, Rachel would get mad at Ross for spending too much time with those damn Dinosaurs at the museum. He'd probably have an even harder time meeting women from all of the time he spends at work.

6. Joey is that typical Ottawan guy you meet on Tinder.

He immediately adds you on Instagram after only exchanging a few words so you know he has 10k followers but no girlfriend to show how hot he thinks he is. Everyone falls for Joey's games though, everyone. 

7. Rachel would work at Nordstrom in CF Rideau Centre.

It would just make sense if she worked here. It's the closest department store that we have to Bloomingdales, and Rachel Green would probably die to work at Nordstrom. She'd probably get a hella good discount too, and still refuse to lend it to her sister Amy. Everyone in Ottawa would ask how she got the job, and like everyone else in Ottawa, she would have no idea.

8. Monica would work at JOEY Lansdowne.

The chefs at JOEY's are very serious about their jobs, so Monica would fit in very well. After spending some time getting bad reviews at old jobs and wearing fake boobs and wigs for other ones, she finally feels at home. And no one is locking her in the big refrigerator. Not at JOEY's.

9. Ross would be that guy that's at Tequila Jacks every single weekend. Even alone sometimes.

He knows thats where it's easiest to hook up with people, but he also wants a deep connection with someone. He has every single dating app you can imagine, but still wants both experiences. He thinks he'll find it there because he's heard there are a lot of desperate girls, and sometimes he'll even bring Joey. But Joey as a wingman? Never a good idea. He also overly drinks but claims he's not drunk... We all know someone like that.

10. Janice would be that awful Tinder date you never called back.

Her pictures were nothing like what she looked like in real life, and now you see her everywhere you shouldn't. When you're in the ByWard Market with a few friends for drinks and she happens to be your server... What a coincidence...

11. And Gunther is that guy who you stopped responding to on Tinder who just keeps sending you sad faces.

When you don't mean to swipe right on someone but you don't really think it matters–here is what you get. Gunther is the prime example of a guy you would find on Tinder or Plenty of Fish in Ottawa. He's not your type, obsessive, creepy but has a heart of gold... And again, not your type.

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