How I Met Your Mother is a classic show that some people live by. You've learnt lessons from Ted on what not to do about love, you've definitely looked up to Marshall and Lilly as a couple, you know what the bro code is (even as a girl) and if you're Canadian, you know exactly how Robin feels about Canada. Even though we all secretly hated Ted, he was great at teaching us lessons about not settling for the wrong person even if you're desperate. Thanks, Ted.

This iconic show was set in New York City, which is a completely different atmosphere than Ottawa. Although the characters aren't exaggerated, and we've definitely met some Barney's in our days, what would it be like if HIMYM was set in Ottawa? They probably wouldn't survive, tbh. Except Robin, she knows what Canadian winters are like.

This group of five friends all have different personalities and lives, so let's see how it would work out if HIMYM was filmed in Ottawa. Brace yourself, if you haven't seen the show, there are some major spoilers.

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1. MacLaren's Pub = MacLaren's on Elgin

Both MacLaren's are the ultimate hangout spot. While the HIMYM version doesn't have pool tables, the MacLaren's on Elgin would definitely help Barney and Ted's game (realistically, not Ted) by showing girls how to play pool.

2. Robin would be a news anchor on CTV Ottawa.

However, Robin definitely wouldn't have gotten away with any of the stuff Barney made her pull, likes saying nipple instead of nickel or honking her own boobs. Since all of her coworkers at CTV Ottawa are way older than she is, she wouldn't have a problem sticking to her rule of not dating a coworker. Maybe her and Ted could have ended up together sooner, then. *roll eyes*

3. Marshall would have originally taken environmental law at uOttawa.

His dream of being able to save the world would become a reality way quicker. Which brings me to my next point...

4. Marshall's main job would be figuring out the situation with the Ottawa/Rideau River water.

Why is it filled with E.  Coli? Why can't we swim in it? What happens if we accidentally swallow the water? Help us out, Marshall. You gotta start out small, so Marshall's first environmental job would be to understand why the water isn't clear and more like garbage juice.

5. Ted would have every single dating app/online dating service in Ottawa.

And would 100% fall for Ottawa fvckgirls... over and over again. He would be that guy that everyone knows that is so desperate for a girlfriend and that's the sole reason no one wants to date him. He would spend a lot of free time at... you guessed it, Tequila Jacks. Him and Ross from Friends would have been great friends. Realistically, Ted is a modern day Ross Gellar.

6. Since Ottawa is so small, Barney would end up dating the same girls over and over.

They would remember him, he wouldn't remember them. Standard Ottawa fvckboy. And once he does get into a serious relationship, the girl knows everything about him just from the grapevine. Tinder would be like crack for Barney, he would definitely have the upgraded version.

7. Lily would be a teacher for the Ottawa Catholic School Board.

And would definitely never leave that job to become an art consultant like she does in the show. Benefits, summers off, and a reason to drink. Since she lives downtown, her weekends would be spent at the National Gallery of Canada to fulfill her art needs.

8. Barney would be that douche that walks into JunXion wearing a suit.

You know who you are. That guy that thinks he'll impress the ladies just because he's wearing a suit, but acts like a total jerk to you at the same time. He's only there so he can brag about his really good job that no one cares about, and to see how many ladies check him out. Unlike Barney in NYC, he goes home alone.

9. 'The Apartment' would be somewhere on Elgin Street.

Obviously because it's a short walk away from MacLaren's on Elgin. We all know Barney would have a sweet apartment somewhere right in the ByWard Market so he never misses out. Robin would have a sweet condo in Westboro, which isn't too far from downtown. Somewhere she can have room for her 5 dogs–which, by the way, where did they go?

10. Robin Sparkles 'Let's Go To The Mall' video would have been filmed at the Rideau Centre.

SO. CANADIAN. And seriously, have fun getting that song out of your head now. It would have been filmed in the old food court at the Rideau Centre, with customers being confused because nothing ever gets filmed in Ottawa. Robin Sparkles would have been sporting a Sens jersey, though.

11. Barney and Robin would have gotten married at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier.

Barney can definitely afford it, and it's just as beautiful as the venue they got married at in the show. Ted and 'the mother' would have had way more trouble meeting in the Chateau Laurier, considering how big the hotel is. We're all over the mother, anyways. #RobinAndBarney4Ever

12. Ted would have realized she was the mother while waiting for the OC Transpo in the rain.

Yeah, we don't use the train here in Ottawa very much. After Barney and Robin's wedding, he would have met the mother outside of the bus shelter on Rideau Street. Makes sense, right? True love always happens outside of the Rideau Street McDonald's.

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