Who else reading this is obsessed with their horoscope/zodiac sign? *Raises hand*

I wouldn't exactly say the nightlife in Ottawa is lit, however, we know which bars we do and do not like. Have you ever been in a bar with a slow Taylor Swift song playing? I have. It was weird. But sometimes you just want change and you don't know where to start. That's why I'm here.

Whether you read your horoscope every single day, or you actually have to look up what your zodiac sign is after reading this, this will help you on your next night out for sure. So grab your friends and take them out and maybe you'll meet the love of your life because of me. Just kidding, I don't want to be responsible for that.

1. Capricorn // The Moonroom

Capricorns love the luxurious lifestyle and feeling like they're upscale. The Moonroom will make every Capricorn feel like they're super important, but they also like to keep that to themselves. Whether you're on a date with one or they're in a big group, you'll have the best time with them around.

2. Gemini // Pub 101

Gemini's get bored easily but are also super laid back. They want everyone to have a good time and make sure everyone has a drink in their hand. Pub 101 is the perfect place for Gemini's because it's 3 floors–the first being a bar, the second being a seating area and the third being a dance floor. Gemini's will love the options and will never stay on one floor too long.

3. Pisces // Heart & Crown

Pisces are very caring people and love when everyone around them is having a good time. If they have their friends with them, they're cool with being anywhere. Since Heart & Crown is a good hangout bar, they'll love being able to chat and laugh with friends while not feeling too overwhelmed.

4. Sagittarius // JunXion

Sagittarius' love being the centre of attention and the lavish lifestyle. They enjoy indulging in bottle service and don't really care how much it costs. Having a good time with their friends and dancing their worries away is the best kind of night for them.

5. Scorpio // Tailgators

Scorpios are very competitive and are always up to win. If you're really trying to get their attention, take them to Tailgators. They love a good time, but also love proving themselves to others. Just buy them a drink so they're not as stressed out and everything will be good.

6. Libra // Zaphod Beeblebrox

Libra's strive off of being original and are also huge socializers. They love any place that is packed with different kinds of people and they also enjoy all types of music. Since Zaphods has different music for different nights, Libra's would never get bored here.

7. Virgo // The Drink

Virgo's have high standards and like going out to bars that emphasize that. The drink is super upscale and classy, which Virgo's die for. The couches and decor will make them feel like they're in a bar in LA, which will make them feel even cooler than they already are.

8. Leo // Green Room

Leo's like to experience social events in different ways. They're super creative and stylish and desperately want an Instagram pic to go along with that. Green Room is an awesome place for Leo's because it's original and unique, which is the experience they all strive to have.

9. Taurus // FlyBar

Tauruses thrive off of big dance floors and loud music. Colourful lights and party vibes will make them so happy and content. You can find them doing shots in between songs while flirting with strangers at the bar. They don't care at all what people think of them, and they march to the beat of their own drum.


Not your average bar, and that's the way Aries likes it. They are natural leaders and love to sing and dance. They give off amazing energy and with their friends around, they feel like they can do anything. If you're looking for a good time, Aries will always be down to do the same. Just make sure the music is lit and they can sing along all night.

11. Cancer // City at Night

Cancer's are very intimate people and they like to engage with their friends or SO. Since City at Night is a cozy and quaint, they'll feel like they're the only ones in the whole room. You can snuggle up on a couch or sit at the amazing looking bar, and since Cancer's are very protective over their friends, they'll be able to keep a close eye on all of them.

12. Aquarius // El Furniture Warehouse

Aquarians are extremely creative and love to try new, exciting places that everyone talks about. They love being in the know, and really gravitate towards places that look like it'll show them a good time. However, if this place becomes too packed, they'll want to get up and leave and go to a less known bar. They're extremely independent and like to shy away from the crowd.

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