When you can't choose between Greek and Italian food, here is the solution. 

It's a running joke that no girl ever knows where they want to eat, they first want pizza, and then Chinese food, and then they're not hungry, and then they're hangry. As hard as it is for everyone else involved, it's even harder for us girls to want so many different options all at once. But no, we don't want a buffet. 

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Mati just opened up last week, and it's already becoming a hot spot for date nights, birthdays and for when you want something completely different. Or when you can't choose between two places you want to eat at. They describe themselves as a crudo and charcoal restaurant, which are styles of cooking in Greece and Italy. And by all the pictures you see while scrolling on their Instagram, the food isn't the only amazing part about the restaurant. 

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The interior of Mati has a super modern vibe with also a dark twist, as some of the walls are black but contrasted with white brick. Seriously, nothing is more #instagoals than a white brick wall with plants surrounding them, amirite?!

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Mati is the perfect place to stop by for drinks as well, as they have the most gorgeous bar. No matter what the occasion you can find a reason to try out this brand new restaurant. It's a little slice of Greece and Italy in Ottawa, and you'll be able to tell by the first bite of food. Although their menu isn't up on their website yet, you can expect a ton of fish dishes, raw and cooked as well as a ton of cheese, fresh veggies, and steak. Yum!

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Mati is located at 428 Preston St and the hours vary. If you're a foodie looking for a new restaurant, this one will not disappoint. You get Greek and Italian food all in one place, what could be better?! For more information, check out their website here

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