2016's been a pretty awful year. Professor Snape died, Toblerone bars have less chocolate and Obama's going to be unemployed in January. Let's not forget about our struggles at school, too.

Exams, essays, midterms. We're dying. School is busy enough as it is, but, on top of this, we all have social lives and part-time jobs to balance as well. It's stressful. But let's face it: Even though too much of something can be bad enough, too much of nothing is just as tough. These are some of the best years of our lives and what would they be without college/university?

Think back to easier times: This week, 20 years ago, The Spice Girls' first album, Spice, was released. Nothing emulates fun, friendship and, importantly, girl power, better than The Spice Girls. Just count the amount of times you've sang Wannabe (if you can count that high). Imagine our schools as the iconic group, today. Say you believe it, say you believe it.

Slow it down, have some fun and check out what your Ottawa college/university would be if it were a Spice Girl:

University of Ottawa // Ginger Spice

You're the leader of the group. You're the centre of attention, being right in the middle of the city. Your presence is unavoidable, but the other colleges/universities are there to make sure your ego doesn't get to your head.

La Cité // Posh Spice

You're mysterious and under the radar. You're confident and feel pretty special being the only fully French school in the city, but the other girls sometimes find your confidence to be cocky. They're there to keep you humble.

Carleton University // Sporty Spice

Everything for you is about competition. We get it, you're better than Ottawa U. Don't even get me started when you mix in your competitiveness with your athletics. Remember the Panda Games?

Algonquin College // Scary Spice

You do whatever you want. You're loud and crazy and everybody knows that. There's never a dull moment with you, Scary; but sometimes it's hard to take you seriously.

St. Paul's University // Baby Spice

You're the innocent one of the group. You're a little angel – inside and out, and you never let other people's negativity bring you down.

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