Just in case ya nasties haven't heard, Raven is leaving The View and is making a That's So Raven spinoff. No vision could have predicted how hyped we are.

Not much is known about the spinoff, but we're just hoping the whole gang comes back. Imagine seeing Eddie, Chels, Cory (unless he's still at the White House) and his pet mouse Lionel all back at the Chill Grill. I can't even fathom. That's So Raven was a Family Channel essential and we gave that show more devotion than the Boyz N Motion.

We can't gaze into the future, but we can definitely reminisce on the past. What if That's So Raven didn't take place in San Francisco and instead took place in Ottawa? Oh snap.

Would Cory and the Boys Feat. Tanya Baxter still perform their hit single, "Can You Feel the Love?" Where would Chef Victor work? There's a lot of mystery, but we feel like we sorted some of it all out.

Here's what That's So Raven would look like if it took place in Ottawa:

Photo cred: Twitter

1. When the Boyz N Motion come to town it'd be a really big deal because no big bands ever come to Ottawa.

"Fame can be a paaaaain."

2. Cory and Chef Victor would eventually get their own spinoff at Parliament.

He'd be the new kid, movin' in, gettin' it done, officially the candidate for havin' some fun.

Photo cred: Twitter

3. Sierra would totally ruin Raven's date with Jaylen at the Museum of Nature.

That lil' nasty would get stuck in a dinosaur stomach.

Photo cred: Twitter

4. Señorita Rodriguez would be Madame Rodriguez and she would teach French.

We feel you, Eddie.

5. The Chill Grill would be JOEY Lansdowne.

Cory and the Boys feat. Tanya Baxter would perform there weekly. Can you feel the love?

Photo cred: Twitter

6. That's So Suite Life Of Hannah Montana would take place at the Chateau Laurier.

I don't even know if Ottawa could handle this.

Photo cred: Twitter

7. The Baxter Residence would be in the Glebe.

I'd probably visit every day.

Photo cred: Twitter

8. Raven would totally ruin Chels' exhibit at the National Art Gallery.


Photo cred: Twitter

9. Chef Victor's family in Navan would accuse him of stealing the gravy boat.

So. much. drama.

10. Cory would be peer pressured into shoplifting at Mrs. Tiggy Winkle's.

Cory don't you be doing no five finger discount.

11. When Raven misses the Blue Rain concert at the Canadian Tire Centre, Devon brings the concert to her.

Oh we can feel the love.

Photo cred: Twitter

12. The Rideau Centre Santa would be Mr. Petrachelli.

Oh snap!

Photo cred: Twitter

13. Chelsea and Eddie would win a prize from Roll Up the Rim but we would never know what it is.

This still bothers me to this day.

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