Asking for a friend. Honestly though, there are some things we just don't understand in this world but are too afraid to ask. Like, why Mini Eggs and Eggies are considered to be the same thing. They're not, mom.

Now, when it comes to Ottawa, we're all very curious. We don't mind our own business and we all have our opinions (very strong opinions, honestly). But there are some things we won't open our mouths to ask, and that's okay. But I've come up with some that I've heard lots of people secretly wonder, and hopefully you do as well.

1. Why is Gatineau sometimes considered a part of Ottawa?

It's a whole different province. Smh.

2. Why is it called Nepean Point if it's nowhere near Nepean?


3. Who came up with the name Kanata?

Sound like a rip off of Canada. And last minute, tbh.

4. Wasn't a new water park called Alottawata supposed to open up like 5 years ago?

On their website it says opening date TBA (not before 2015). Clearly.

5. Why Barrhaven gets made fun of for being so far, but what about Kanata?

It ain't fair.

6. I mean, why do we even consider fall and spring seasons here?

2 weeks of a certain 'season' isn't really something I would brag about.

7. Why do BeaverTails sell any other flavour besides Cinnamon & Sugar?

Let's not argue on this one. We all know it's the best flavour.

8. Can't we have one poster up that's not from a Real Estate company?

You guys are great, but how about a movie poster or something? Let's make walking exciting.

9. Why OC Transpo can't kick people off for not wearing deodorant.

Like, obviously they wouldn't, but we can all dream.

10. Are we even legally allowed to swim in the beaches here?

Just one look at the water, I'll go ahead and say no.

11. Why it's against the law to eat ice cream on Bank Street on a Sunday.

This one is more hilarious than anything, but still. We would like some background information please and thanks.

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