I have recently discovered one of Ottawa's many hidden gems. If you haven't already been here you need to head here ASAP. If you're a shawarma lover like me (and basically all of Ottawa) this place must be added to your bucket list. 

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Madame Fattoush Lady sells the most amazing shawarmas in an adorable modern restaurant for just $5! Save your money and grab a lunch that won't break your bank account. 

via @gabyeatsottawa

Save your money up for fancy dinners and enjoy a $5 shawarma. I'm not even exaggerating the price, with tax the final cost is $5.50! Honestly, this is so cheap and is ideal for any broke students looking for a break time snack. 

Why spend more than $10 on your quick lunch break when you can spend half of that?! Plus you can get a cute Insta because the restaurant is so classy.

via @ingcorporated

Madame Fattoush Lady is located at 90 Elgin Street and it is for sure worth a try. The shop is open from 11 am - 2:30 pm and is closed on the weekend. For more information on this gem click here

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