Marble is a trend that I don't think anyone is complaining about. From laptop skins to phone cases people are buying marble anything these days. It's a pattern that's super classy and simple. Marble also matches everything and anything that you wear (yet another reason to love it). 

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The marble nail trend is perfect for all nail shapes too. The most boss shape is obviously stiletto nails. Honestly, what gets more boss than pointy stiletto nails and a simple marble pattern? White nails on their own match everything and look fabulous, but these marble nails have me dead. They are so unique and everyone will be asking you where TF you got them done. 

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You may not know it, but there is actually a salon in Ottawa where you can get these stunning nails. Her Esthetician on Sparks street offers marble nail designs. Whether you want blue, white, red, or black marble nails Her Esthetician will do it! 

Get with the marble trend and head to 138 Sparks Street ASAP. This is the perfect thing to do for a fun BFF day out. For more information about the salon click here

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