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You Can Now Get Black Ice Cream In Ottawa To Match Your Soul

Try it before summers over!

We know that it takes a little while for Ottawa to jump on the trendy train. We're only just starting to get super cool things, such as ice cream in a watermelon and a poke bowl restaurant. However, that doesn't mean we don't do these things right. 

Little Jo Berry's is a vegan cafe that serves desserts, ice cream, and other delicious foods like mac and cheese. They're not afraid to try certain things, like vegan poptarts. So it's truly no surprise that they gave charcoal ice cream a try. 

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If you're not familiar with it, charcoal ice cream has a coconut flavour and turns your mouth black (don't worry, just until you swallow it). Activated charcoal can help detoxify your body, but don't eat this ice cream just because of that. The unique taste and goth look to it will make for an unreal Instagram pic. 

Little Jo Berry's isn't afraid to try anything. This summer they started selling the most adorable emoji macarons, along with the ice cream in a watermelon that is so Insta worthy. 

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Not only can you get the charcoal ice cream in just ice cream form, but you can get it in an ice cream sandwich shaped like a cat. Yes, a cat. The ice cream sandwich consists of charcoal ice cream, vegan marshmallow fluff and a black macaron outside. My black heart is melting. 

Little Jo Berry's is located at 1305 Wellington and you need to check it out. Their vegan cafe is to die for, and even if you're not vegan you'll still 100% fall in love. Plus, if the charcoal ice cream is trendy, you HAVE to try it. Right? For more information, check out their website here

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