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A Bus Full Of Tourists Crashed On A "Dangerous" Strip Of Highway 401 In Ottawa (PHOTOS)

One person has died and dozens are seriously hurt.

A bus carrying 37 tourists crashed yesterday afternoon on Highway 401 near Prescott, Ontario. The bus was en route to Toronto from Ottawa when it veered off the road and smashed into a cluster of rocks. Dozens of people were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.

Provincial police have just confirmed that one 54-year-old passenger has died from his injuries. Three others are said to be in critical condition. Police are not yet sure why the driver swerved off the road in the first place.

The passengers are part of a tour group in Canada from China. One witness says that passengers were pouring out of the bus with facial injuries shortly after the crash. 

At least six ambulances, one helicopter and dozens of paramedics were on scene, and many injured passengers were seen laying in the shoulder lane of the highway. 

Photos of the incident show the bus smashed and dented on all sides. Windows were shattered completely, and police are pictured climbing on board to retrieve all 37 passengers safely.

Many residents, including the mayor of Prescott, Ontario, say that serious collisions occur way too often on this particular stretch of Highway 401. Mayor Brett Todd says that driving in the area is a "blood sport," and has been working on adding another lane to accommodate the high volume of traffic.

Mayor Todd said that the news of Monday's bus crash is "depressingly familiar," and hopes that something can finally be done to prevent tragic accidents like these from happening again.  

Source: Ottawa Citizen

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