Calling all cheese lovers! 

Obviously, as Canadians, we're born to love cheese curds. It's disrespectful to us to put grated cheese onto poutine instead of cheese curds, that's how passionate we are about them. So why wouldn't we have a cheese curd festival?

Festival de la Curd, also known as Curd Festival, is celebrating it's 24th year of the festival. Located in St. Albert, Ontario where the famous St. Albert cheese curds were made, there's a bunch of activities to enjoy while touring the site. Did I mention there's wine and cheese tasting?! 

This festival is only 40 minutes away from Ottawa and totally worth the drive. There will be a farmers market there as well with local farmers to share their delicious food. All the samples, please! There is a ton to do while at the festival, and you can even tour the inside of the cheese factory. There's also a giant airbag that you can take a leap onto, for all of the adrenaline junkies out there!

This is the perfect festival for those who love cheese. I mean, it's basically what your dreams are made of. There are a ton of different ticket prices depending on when you decide to go, and you can find all the information here

Festival de la Curd is on from August 17th to August 20th. Bring your grandma and play giant bingo with her or bring your BFFs and get drunk off of wine (which is only $3 a glass). The festival is located at 150 St Paul St. Enjoy!

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