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A New Skating Trail That Is Normally An Apple Orchard Is Opening Near Ottawa This Weekend

Skate the cold away!

Ottawa is becoming just big one skating rink with all of the ice trails opening, and we're definitely not mad about it. Especially when new ones open that are literally in your backyard. 

While we have ice trails like thisand then skating rinks like this, a lot of them are either out of the province, super crowded, or close just when the weather actually allows you to be outside. Well this new skating trail in Ottawa is opening this weekend and it's going to be your new favourite place to skate!

For only $10, you get to skate on a trail that is usually an apple orchard. You'll get to skate under the trees, and the trail is lit up at night to make it even more stunning. The skating trail is at RiverOak Estates, and it goes as far as 2km!

Even better? Unlike the rink on Parliament Hill, you are welcome to bring your hockey sticks and play a game if you want. In order to put on your skates, you're welcome into an old, historic log barn that just makes the experience that much more unique. RiverOak Estates skating trails hour vary day to day, and the grand opening is this Saturday, January 13th. 

The skating trail had a soft opening, but it's officially open for the reason this weekend. No matter if it's for a date, with friends, or with family, this will for sure become your new favourite winter activity. For more information, check out their website here

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