When we think of terrible winter weather we often think about the more northern parts of Canada like the territories or even places like Quebec, Saskatchewan and Manitoba that are known for having colder temperatures. It turns out though that none of those places had the most terrible winter, at least not according to one Environment Canada senior climatologist. Instead, an Ontario city just won the unofficial award for having the worst winter in all of Canada this year. 

The city in question here is none other than Canada's capital city, Ottawa. According to Dave Phillips, who is a senior climatologist at Environment Canada, Ottawa had the worst winter in all of Canada. He even told the Ottawa Morning show that "If I was awarding the gold medal for winter misery I think it would go to Ottawa."

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He went on to say that this was because in Ottawa they dealt with everything this winter. Whether it was extreme cold, freezing rain and ice pellets, or heavy snowfalls, Ottawa had it all. In fact, when it comes to snowfalls specifically the city had over 50% more snow this year than they normally get in the winter. The best thing about Ottawa's crazy winter though is that it was all documented online. 

First, there's the snow. 

Then the ice. 

Then there's the flooding. 

Even the wind was bad. 

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All those Tweets are pretty recent too but it's a snapshot of reality since the season as a whole has been even worse. To sum it all up, if you endured this past Ottawa winter you all deserve a medal. 

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only.

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