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Here's All The Items Banned From The Canada Day On Parliament Hill Party Happening In Ottawa This Year

Be prepared before you go for a smooth Canada Day celebration.

Even if you didn’t go to the massive Canada Day bash on Parliament Hill in Ottawa last year for the country’s 150th birthday you probably heard that the celebrations were dampened by the long lineups and massive security presence.

This year the organizers are hoping to change the lineups, but security will still be super tight again.

They’ve even updated the list of banned items you won’t be allowed to bring into the party, and there’s quite a few of them. 

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Some of the things on the list are pretty obvious, no weapons of any kind - that means both knives and guns - nor explosives will be allowed in.

You also won’t be allowed to bring your own fireworks or alcohol either.

They’re also only allowing backpacks of a certain size into the grounds this year. 

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The maximum size for these are 35.5 cm tall, 30.5 cm wide and 19 cm deep.

You can get a better idea of what that looks like in the tweet below.

Before entering the grounds everyone will be subjected to a security screening.

People with backpacks, strollers or coolers will have to have everything inspected by a security officer before having to pass through a metal detector.

If you don’t have any of those things you can proceed straight on to the metal detector before entering the grounds. 

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Officials are hoping that unlike last year people will be able to proceed through security quickly, their goal is that no one should be standing in line for more than an hour.

So if you are planning on attending this year's massive celebration in Ottawa be prepared and don’t bring any of the items that won’t be allowed in. 


Source: Parlimentary Protective Services

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