After a long three-year wait, the Canada Science and Technology Museum opens tomorrow. Now, this isn't just any reopening and a few renovations. The Canada Science and Technology Museum closed back in September 2014, which left all of us wondering what we would do if the Crazy Kitchen got taken out. Three years have passed and I have good news–the Crazy Kitchen didn't go anywhere. But it's just a little more crazy. 

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This museum was built from the ground up, which resulted in an 80 million dollar renovation. Don't worry, the famous and ever so stunning trains, also known as steam transportation, are still there. But while a lot is still the same, a whole lot is different as well. The museum seems more modern, but you'll still feel like you grew up going to this museum every year for a field trip. 

Now there are more than 2900 artifacts displayed, which is double of what was displayed in the old museum. From bicycles, to telescopes, to tools, the list goes on and on. 

There is also a lot more interactive pieces in the museum, which there was before the renovation as well but this is a whole different journey. With 11 new exhibits, there is no way you'll be bored at this new museum. And if you're a true Ottawan, this was definitely your favourite museum as a kid. That will not change. 

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Not only is the inside a journey of colour, sound, and interaction as you can see from the video above, but the outside is also a huge part of the museum! The museum has an LED light show at the entrance which gets more and more clear the closer you get to the building. The images are nature-based, and are changing colours constantly. This happens all day long, but the second half happens at night. From 5 pm to 11 pm at night, the outside of the building will turn into a film which will face St. Laurent blvd. All of this is attract people in, which will not be hard with this reopening. 

Even though the Canada Science and Technology Museum has a ton of artifacts, they're trying to focus on the present and the future rather than the past. They even have an exhibit on wearable technology, which is something you wouldn't have found three years ago. 

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Definitely don't be fooled. This museum isn't just for kids, even though there is a temporary exhibit called Game Changers which allows you to learn about the history of video games, and yes, play them. Guitar Hero is one of those games you can play. 

Canada Science and Technology Museum opens at 9 am to the public tomorrow, Friday November 17th, 2017. It's located at 1867 St. Laurent Boulevard and the museums hours are from 9 am to 5 pm daily. For more information on admission, hours, and location, check out their website here

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