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Stay Inside Today: Ottawa Is Currently The Coldest Capital In The World

At least we're known for something.

How do we put this lightly? It's cold AF in Ottawa right now. As of right now, it's -22 in Ottawa. However, with the wind chill it feels like -32. While Ottawa has been on the list of coldest capitals in the world for years, it's never officially made #1. Except for today. 

Ulan Bator, Mongolia holds the title for coldest capital in the world, but today Ottawa was so cold that it actually passed the capital in terms of cold weather. Last night, Ulan Bator fell to about -26 and Ottawa fell to -29. Right now, it's -22 and Ulan Bator is -14. Everyone in Ottawa right now is like: 


Two of the other coldest capitals in the world are Moscow and Astana, which right now aren't that cold. They had overnight lows of 2 degrees and -13. Honestly, not even a BeaverTail while skating on the Rideau Canal could make this weather okay. 

The public health office issued a frostbite warning for today, as it can feel like -36. I would advise staying inside all day, and probably never leaving until March rolls around. But hey, at least Ottawa is known for something? Right? 

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