An escape room in the dinosaur museum? Sign me right up!

I think we've all wanted to explore a store or a museum after it's closed, and this is now your chance. Partnering with Ottawa's Escape Room, you can escape the Canadian Museum of Nature with two different escape rooms after hours!

For a limited time, the Canadian Museum of Nature is offering not one, but two escape rooms that you can do with your squad. During the 60-minute escape room, you can choose to either do Back to the Fossils or Framed. 

via @jamiethepanda

Back to the Fossils involves Dr. Rex who invents the worlds first time machine, however on a recent trip home he accidentally brings back some dinosaurs. The goal is for you to get the dinosaurs back to where they belong. 

Framed, which is back by popular demand, involves you solving a robbery. You need to prove you're innocent by exploring the Mammal Gallery before you're framed for theft!

If you love escape rooms, this is one you have to put on your bucket list. The escape room starts today, Friday December 8th and is only available for a limited time. The Canadian Museum of Nature is located at 240 McLeod St, and you can find tickets, prices and hours here. You do need to book your spot in advance. 

via @tallsarcasm

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