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There's A Huge Burger Festival Coming To Ottawa And It's A Foodies Dream Come True

A Doritos burger? Yes please.

I'm not sure about you, but burgers are my absolute favourite food. From regular burgers at fast food restaurants to insane burgers that has all it's fixin's falling out of the side, I want it all. 

Ottawa is seriously killing it with food festivals this year. No matter what your fav food is, it seems that there will always be a festival for it. Now, this festival is a little different, as it's not exactly in one place. Let me explain. 

Le Burger Week is a festival that happens in all major cities around Canada, and more than 400 restaurants are participating. Every restaurant that's involved creates a unique burger for the festival, which is unlike any burger you've seen before. 10 restaurants are participating in Ottawa, which means you have to try all 10 burgers, right?

Via Le Burger Week

Every burger that comes from a restaurant in Ottawa is a reflection of their cuisine. While you have to go to each restaurant and not just one place for this festival, even trying just a couple will make you want more. The restaurants participating in this amazing burger week are: 

  • Art Is In Bakery
  • World Burger
  • Bâton Rouge Steakhouse & Bar 
  • Burgers n' Fries Forever
  • Kinki Lounge Kitchen
  • Hard Stones Grill
  • Ichiban Bakery
  • The Cross On Elgin
  • Golden Fries
  • Smoke's Poutinerie 

Get ready for burgers with deep fried avocado–that's how crazy things will be getting. Le Burger Week will take place from September 1st to September 7th, so that's plenty of time to try all these burgers. Even if you can only try one, that's better than nothing. You're supporting local companies and that's even more amazing. 

Via Le Burger Week

If you're too lazy to actually get to one of these spots, Skip The Dishes and Just Eats will deliver the burgers to you. #blessed. This is one festival you just cannot miss. I mean, you can bring the festival to your own home. That's 2017 for you. For more information on Le Burger Week, check out their website here

via @leburgerweek

Via Le Burger Week

Via Le Burger Week

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