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There's A Huge Poutine Festival Coming To Ottawa And It's A Foodies Dream Come True

Every Canadian's dream.

Did someone say poutine? Seriously, poutine is the way to any Canadians heart. Here in Ottawa, we have many great spots to eat poutine. The classic kind, cheeseburger poutine, you name it. So what happens when a huge poutine festival hits the city? Well, we all call in sick to work in order to try them all out. 

Kidding, obviously. But festivals are no joke in Ottawa and we take them very seriously. However, this festival is a little bit different as it's not all in one place. Hear me out!

La Poutine Week is a festival that happens in all major cities across Canada, and over 240 restaurants are participating this year. This year is the biggest year yet for the festival, and 5 amazing restaurants are participating from Ottawa! So technically that means we have to try the 5 special poutines that are created, right?

Via La Poutine Week

Every creation from each restaurant is super unique and is a reflection of the restaurant. From whatever cuisine the restaurant specializes in, you'll be able to taste it in the poutine! You have to go to each restaurant to try out their delicious poutine creation, but each dish is a special price for this festival. The restaurants participating in this festival are: 

  • Kinki Lounge & Kitchen
  • Burgers n' Fries Forever
  • La Créole Express
  • Zak's Diner
  • Hard Stones Grill 

Seriously, get ready for poutine filled with an actual burger (Big Mac style), fried chicken, Guinness infused gravy, breaded cheese curds and so much more. Is your mouth watering yet?

Via La Poutine Week

Get your stretchy pants ready! La Poutine Week starts this Thursday, February 1st in Ottawa until February 7th. If you're lucky enough to try all 5 of these creations or just one, you're encouraged to go onto their website and vote for whichever poutine you like best. At the end of the festival, each city will announce the winners for certain categories! 

For more information on the restaurants, voting, and more, visit La Poutine Week website here. Enjoy!

Via La Poutine Week

Via La Poutine Week

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