Hide your pumpkins, people! It's a spooky time of year and people are getting freaky out there. The OPP is currently on the hunt for a serial jack o' lantern thief and is asking for the public's help. 

A mystery woman has been hitting houses all around Embrun, Ontario which is a tiny town about half an hour south of Ottawa. One home caught her on camera via security cam and the bizarre video has gone viral.

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Via Josée Savage-Levac | Facebook

Why bizarre, you ask? Because the woman was strutting around in stiletto heels as she pulled off the pumpkin heists.

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The first incident happened on Sunday, October 7th at around 11pm. The woman was spotted getting out of a nearby vehicle, clicking her stilettos up to a home and snatching a jack o' lantern right off the front porch. An hour later on the same night, she was spotted stealing pumpkins from another home.

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The Embrun resident and pumpkin thief victim who posted the video of her in action has received over 100,000 views on their Facebook post. They asked that anyone who knows the woman or has any information call the OPP at 613-443-4499.

The woman is described as white, 5'6" (probably a bit taller in heels) and 25 to 35 years old. She has shoulder-length blonde hair and wears glasses.

This lady is either obsessed with jack o' lanterns or is planning on making a whole slew of pumpkin pies.

Facebook,  Ottawa Citizen


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