Sisters by chance, friends by choice. Or something corny like that.

Sisters are those people you could seriously consider punching in the face one minute, then having a sing along to your old favourite songs in the car the next. Relationships with sisters never really make sense, and that's one of the best parts about them. You tell everyone you hate them, but if someone were to mess with them, you'd be the first one there to back her up.

Whether your sister is annoying as f*ck, or your ride or die, or somehow both, we need to spend more time with our sisters no matter what the situation is. Life is too short to hate your sister because she stole your shirt in the sixth grade–so make it up to her by taking her to one of these cute activities you can do in Ottawa!

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1. Get a blowout together at Society Salon & Blow Dry Bar.

Even if you just plan on staying in and watching Netflix all day together, take some time to pamper yourself! Getting a blowout will make you feel fresh and will put your confidence through the roof. Do this together and maybe go take a photoshoot later on, whatever your hearts desire.

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2. Feel fancy with high tea at the Château Laurier.

If you and your sis are BFFs, you'll love feeling fancy over high tea. High tea at the Château Laurier provides you with tea, obviously, sandwiches and cute desserts that will make you feel like you're part of the Royal Family.

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3. Rely on each other while trying an Aerial Silks class.

Your sister should be the person you trust most with your life, so trying an Aerial Silks class will definitely make you put that trust in her. Not only is it challenging, but it's a super fun workout that you'll want to do over and over again.

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4. Have a cute drink date at Atari.

What's better than gossiping/spilling secrets over drinks? Probably nothing. Especially when the drinks are this cute and there is no way either of you will say no to cotton candy drinks.

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5. If you're brave, get sister tattoos by one of these amazing Ottawa tattoo artists.

Sisters are forever, so getting matching tattoos isn't that crazy. It's a great gift to give your sister as a present, or to do spontaneously. No matter what, it'll come out looking amazing if it's done by one of Ottawa's tattoo artists!

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6. Treat each other with a spa day at the Brookstreet Hotel.

Maybe life is stressful for one of you, or both, or even if life is amazing, everyone needs a spa day. Book a spa day at the Au Naturel Spa at the Brookstreet Hotel and wind down. Even if it's just for a couples massage, if it's with your sister, it won't feel awkward.

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7. Bond with cats over coffee at Siberian Cat Café.

If you're both cat lovers, you won't find a better place to hang out with each other. Siberian Cat Café is located in Gatineau, but it's more than worth the drive. If you don't see your sister that often, you can catch up over coffee and hang out with beautiful cats at the same time. Amazing.  

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8. Find out your futures by visiting a talented Ottawa psychic.

Whether you believe in them or not, it's still fun to get your future told by a psychic. Your sister is your #1 supporter, so take her along if you're too nervous to go alone. I've done this with my sister, and we still talk about it to this day. It's something to talk about for years after it's happened, and definitely a bonding experience.

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9. Share (for once in your life) a pizza at Slice&Co.

I mean, who doesn't love pizza? I know how hard it is for sisters to share things, but take a break from that and share a pizza at Slice&Co. You can bond over how good the pizza is, because it really, really is.

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10. Get your anger out (maybe towards each other) at BATL.

Now, some sisters don't get along at all. Maybe you want to pull her hair out as soon as you see her in the morning, or always have to wear headphones around the house so she doesn't talk to you. If that's the case, BATL is the perfect place for you to bond. You can get your anger out at each other while throwing axes at a board, and hopefully that release of anger will help you two bond and get closer. It may not fix all of your problems, but you'll definitely feel more connected afterwards.

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