Nothing says summer like a good ice cream cone. And we're lucky to have an assortment of modern and old school ice cream shops that everyone will love. I think it's inevitable that we all crave something cold in the summertime, whether that's ice cream or gelato or an ice cold milkshake.

There are different ice cream or gelato cafes all around Ottawa that are unique in some way. Some have been around for years, and some are new and exciting. Let me just say, all of these are Instagram worthy. Who doesn't want a cute cone of ice cream on their feed? So here are 11 delicious places you can get ice cream in Ottawa to beat the summer heat:

1. Mantovani 1946 // 87 Murray Street

This gelato shop is originally from Italy, and made it's way into Ottawa's hearts earlier this year. You can choose from fruit flavours, cream flavours, or special flavours so there is an option for everyone. If you're into trying new things, they have serve a 'flavour of the month' so you could make it a challenge between you and your friends to try it every new flavour! Not to mention their cafe aesthetic is actual goals (so Instagram worthy).

2. Moo Shu Ice Cream // 477 Bank Street

This Asian inspired ice cream is made from pure Ontario dairy, dark chocolate, as well as ingredients that are as local as possible. The ice cream can be made into two-bite truffle balls, and they do have vegan options as well. This ice cream shop is not like any you've ever been to, it's unique and quaint but absolutely delicious.

3. La Cigale // 14 Chemin Scott

La Cigale in my opinion has the best ice cream. It's a bit of a drive outside of Ottawa, however it's completely worth it. It's the cutest ice cream shop you'll ever see, and the staff there is so friendly and welcoming. I would suggest going there after a hike in Gatineau Park so you can fully enjoy all the calories you burned off, and I also suggest getting the chocolate orange flavour. They have every flavour you could ever want, but that's my all time favourite.

Photo cred - @tammae

4. Holland's Cake and Shake // 229 Armstrong Street

Holland's Cake and Shake like I'm sure you can assume doesn't only sell ice cream. Apart from their cakes, they have delicious ice cream that makes you feel like the biggest kid in the world. They change up what they sell often, but what seems to stick is the classic soft serve loaded with sprinkles in a waffle cone. Definitely not a bad thing.

5. Chocolats Favoris // 180 Vanguard Drive

Chocolate Favoris started off as just a chocolate factory. Now, they serve fondue that you can take home, as well as ice cream (obviously dipped in fondue) and milkshakes that make your mouth water just looking at them. If you're ever craving a chocolate dipped cone, this is the place for you. You can get creative with it too, as you can tell from this picture above.

6. Stella Luna Gelato Cafe // 1103 Bank Street

Stella Luna Gelato Cafe is the most well known gelato cafe in Ottawa. They serve an award-winning gelato as well as sorbet for all the lactose intolerant and vegan people out there. They have every flavour you could ever imagine, and this is the best treat to have after walking around Downtown Ottawa on a hot summers day.

7. Piccolo Grande // 55 Murray Street

This gelato shop is right in the ByWard Market and they get their ingredients imported right from Italy. They offer other desserts besides gelato, but that's the main attraction. It is usually very busy during the summertime, however it's definitely worth it. If you have guests from out of the country, take them here and make them try the maple flavour. It's a pure, delicious Canadian treat.

8. Lois N' Frimas // 71 George Street

If you are ever looking for old school soft serve ice cream, go here. This is definitely better than most ice cream I've ever tried, it tastes like your childhood. It's a very busy place in the summer, especially since it's right in the middle of the ByWard Market. However the wait is completely worth it, and you can even get another treat like a hot dog along with it to really make you feel like a kid again. I mean, could this place get any cuter?

Photo cred - @junebug75

9. Oat & Mill // Online Shop

This ice cream 'shop' is unlike no other–because it's not an actual shop. You can order your ice cream online, and it gets shipped to right to your door. It's perfect for lazy, hot days when you want ice cream but you're too content basking in the sun. Did I mention it's 100% vegan and made from oats? This guilt-free ice cream is one you need to try.

10. The Merry Dairy // Ice Cream Truck

This ice cream truck can be seen all over Ottawa! Sometimes it's at schools, sometimes it's at festivals, and a lot of the time it's parked at a park. They specialize in frozen custard and they also have homemade cookie ice cream sandwiches. It's a more grown-up version of an ice cream truck, but still gives you that nostalgic feeling (and definitely way better).

11. Dicks Dairy Dip // 1485 Merivale Road

A 1950's themed restaurant with the most old school milkshakes and ice cream. But aren't those always the best kinds? If you're not just craving ice cream, you can enjoy a full meal here, with a classic milkshake on the side. They're popular for their milkshakes, but have ice cream as well if you're not feeling up to it. Or you can have both, I recommend both. YOLO, right?

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