Apparently there's never enough of anything in Ottawa. Never enough malls, never enough people, never enough things to do, never enough this, never enough that. However, Ottawa is actually pretty lit and we've got a lot of everything; especially nightclubs. Although we're not on the same scale as some other cities, every weekend, the ByWard Market gets hella lit. 

Of course, everyone has different taste in music but Ottawa's got something for everyone. If you haven't turned up in Ottawa's downtown core yet, it's definitely something to cross off your bucket list. Whether you love country or hip hop, here's a list of the best clubs to suit your music preference:

If you're into House music, you should go to Liquor Store

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Why: This club is in huge and has some sick strobe lights giving you the ultimate house music feel! The drinks are great and they usually play EDM all night so if that's what you're into - this is the place for you.

Where: 128 York St.

If you love Hip Hop, you should go to NVY

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Why: NVY makes sure to have some of the best DJs in Ottawa, as well as the cheapest bottle service. It's underground but it's got a dope layout and has been attracting some pretty big crowds lately; it's definitely a club on the come up but it's getting it's name out there fast. Whether it's the dope beats they play, from Cardi B to 21 Savage, or the gorgeous staff, they've got the sauce!

Where: 295 Dalhousie St.

If you're a fan of dancehall/afrobeats, you should go to PPL Nightclub

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Why: This is the go to club for dancehall and afro beats. Every Saturday, fans of the music genre head out to PPL in their best outfits and get SUPER lit to the music that plays! Don't worry, they'll throw some Drake and Kanye in there, but if you're looking for a new experience (and some shisha), PPL's your spot.

Where: 130 George St.

If Latino music is your thing, you should go to Caliente Latin Club

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Why: If you're just as tired as I am of listening to Despacito play over and over again, then you can head to this Latino club and turn up to some real Spanish music! Reggaeton, salsa, you name it - they got it. 

Where: 110 York St.

If you're a die hard Country fan, you should go to Dodge City

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Why: It's one of the most popular and busy country night clubs in Ottawa. The location is also perfect because it's right beside Tequila Jack's meaning if you want to club hop, you can, but if you're actually willing to listen to country all night #cantrelate, then by all means, you will be able to!

Where: 104 Clarence St.

If you prefer Top 40's hits, you should go to Tequila Jack's

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Why: Anyone who knows anything about Ottawa knows that TJ's is top 40's. It's like an unspoken law here; you don't go to TJ's for any type of music but radio music! It's just what you signed up for, alright? Don't worry, you'll have fun.

Where: 104 Clarence St.

If Rock is all you listen to, you should go to Babylon

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Why: Babylon has rock concerts alllll the time! And they're relatively cheap, too. Just make sure to check their event calendar ahead of time and you'll definitely be able to catch a sick rock band perform live.

Where: 317 Bank St.

If you like EDM mashups, you should go to TOMO

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Why: It's not quite EDM but it's not quite anything else. The DJs at Tomo make sure to play some great beats to keep a sophisticated vibe in the air. You don't go to TOMO unless you're a baller so they make sure the vibes are right!

Where: 109 Clarence St.

If your favourite genre is Pop, you should go to Kavali

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Why: If you're not really into top 40's and you're not really into hip hop and you're not really into EDM but you like the perfect merge of the 3 genres, Kavali is for you. They play music that isn't too repetitive or annoying but also not super vulgar or out of your comfort zone.

Where: 34 Clarence St.

If you'd rather listen to top 40's hip hop/ RnB, you should go to Common

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Why: It's sophisticated, it's boujee, and they play nice, light hip hop; nothing too crazy. You'll feel like an LA socialite the second you walk into this club and you'll walk out thanking the universe you chose to go there!

Where: 380 Elgin St.

If you'll listen to anything, you should go to Bourbon Room


Why: Honestly, the Bourbon Room has so many events every single weekend, that I don't really know what genre of music they play! It's basically everything. Just check their events ahead of time and you'll definitely manage to find a night where they'll be playing the music you love!

Where: 400A Dalhousie St.

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