Unless you live under a rock, then you know that sangria is the drink of the summer. It sounds amazing to think about sitting on a patio after work on a Friday drinking sangria with people you love. So why not do exactly that?

I really don't mean to burst your bubble but the summer is almost over and yes, it's acceptable to cry about it. But wipe away those tears, you poor thing, because I've made a list of the best sangria in Ottawa to help you get over this hard time. I'm not going to mention winter, but who wants to drink sangria in the frigid temperatures of -40? Not me. So get out there and try all of these delicious and unique drinks, of course, responsibly.

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Blue Cactus Grill // 2 ByWard Market Square

Glass: $9.00

1/2 Litre: $19.99

Pitcher: $35.00

via @stephanie_annevans

The Grand Pizzeria & Bar // 74 George Street

Glass: $6.99

Pitcher: $24.99

via @eliseaze

Kinki Lounge & Kitchen // 41 York Street

Glass: $9.00

via @shabanalakhani

Pure Kitchen // 340 Elgin Street, 357 Richmond Road

Glass: $9.00

Pitcher: $25.00

via @skop99

Ace Mercado // 121 Clarence Street

Glass: $12.00

Pitcher: $40.00

via @brittyharper

Woody's Pub // 330 Elgin Street

Glass: $8.75

Pitcher: $25.50

via @amanda.coxworth

JOEY Lansdowne // 825 Exhibition Way #103

Glass: $8.50

via @chantalhackett

Industria Italian Brasserie // 225 Marché Way #107

Glass: $10.00

Pitcher: $25.00

via @aliciacke

Moscow Tea Room // 527 Sussex Drive

Glass: $7.50

Pitcher: $35.00

via @boodzz

Lieutenant's Pump // 361 Elgin Street

Glass: $9.00

Pitcher: $29.95

via @emily.collard

Union Local 613 // 315 Somerset Street West

Glass: $10.00

via @evoogreekkitchen

EVOO Greek Kitchen // 438 Preston Street

Glass: $10.00

Pitcher: $34.00

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