Pat yourself on the back, because we've officially made it to the weekend. The forecast calls for rain all day on Saturday, but it should be clear skies on Sunday. So, I've given you a few options that will make sure you stay warm and dry, but also experience Ottawa in the best way you can.

If you're a last minute planner, this article is perfect for you. So text your bae or your BFFs and start making plans now! Whatever you do, I hope your weekend is filled with lots of brunch, wine and great memories. I basically made these plans for you, so, you can thank me later ;)

1. See how far you can push your body at the Dead End Race

2. Check out Ottawa's brewery market, Octobière, for some fall-themed brews

3. Find unique treasure at the Antique and Vintage Market

4. Cure your rainy blues with a warm bowl of Pho

5. Scare yourself shitless at this 3 story haunted house at Watson's Mill

6. Pick up some fresh ingredients at Lansdowne Farmers Market

7. Experience the beauty of Gatineau Park in the fall

8. Then check out one of these adorable coffee shops in Gatineau

9. Pretend you're in a fairytale at the Heroes and Villains Halloween party at The Bourbon Room

10. Or if you're over Ottawa, take a quick day trip to Kingston

11. Attend the vegan Farmers Harvest Night at Pure Kitchen

12. Go thrifting to save money and pass the time

13. Take a short drive to the beautiful Pumpkinferno

14. Take advantage of happy hour even on the weekend

15. Sing your f*cking heart out during karaoke night

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