It can be super hard to figure out what to do during the holidays when your bank account is almost in the negatives. Unfortunately Christmas shopping steals all of our hard earned money, but it's all worth it since it goes to our loved ones. But what are we supposed to do now? Sit inside and watch Netflix every single day? That sounds great, but it's also boring AF unless you're just starting Stranger Things.

You deserve to have an amazing holiday, even if that means you're short on cash. There are so many things to do, so get out there and enjoy them! Make the rest of 2016 great, and keep this list handy whenever you're bored. Here are 15 things you can do during the holidays that won't break the bank, I promise!

1. Skate around the Sens Rink of Dreams at night

It's free, fun, and the only thing you have to spend money on is a BeaverTail.

2. Visit The National Gallery of Canada for free on Thursdays

Admission is free from 5 - 8 pm and if you go during the holidays, you'll be able to see the 12 metre tall Christmas tree!

3. Donate your time to those in need and volunteer at The Ottawa Mission

All you need to do is fill out an application, which you can do here.

4. Cheer on the Ottawa 67's at a home game

Tickets range from $10 - $24 dollars and is guaranteed to be a good time!

5. Try out this unreal holiday burger at Burgers n' Fries Forever

The stocker stuffing burger includes: house cranberry mayo, house veggie stuffing, and sweet potato fries. Yes, the burger includes that. And the sweet potato fries include house cranberry sauce, veggie gravy and house veggie stuffing.

6. Catch a holiday movie at the Mayfair Theatre 

Elf, which we can all agree is one of the best Christmas movies, is playing twice at the Mayfair Theatre. Don't miss it! Tickets are only $10.

7. Go on a hot chocolate date with your BFFs

Hot chocolate: $4. Catching up with your BFFs: Priceless.

8. Go on a tour to see the most magical Christmas lights in Ottawa

The only thing you need is a car, some snacks and your loved ones! Oh, and Christmas music.

9. Snowshoe your way through Gatineau Park

Day passes are only $7.50 and you can rent snowshoes there as well. There are beginner or more challenging trails you can try, and I highly recommend them! You can find more information here.

10. If you're not that adventurous, take a quiet winter walk instead

There are so many trails you can take, and bring your furry friend as well! Free, and you can get in some exercise which we all neglect during the holidays.

11. Get 2 for 1 lift tickets at Mount Pakenham

On Tuesdays after 4 pm and every Saturday night! Tickets are $30 - $35, but you can split that to make it even cheaper! You can buy tickets here.

12. Grab a cheap drink to celebrate whatever you want!

Celebrate being home for Christmas, the holidays in general, or surviving another year. Especially 2016.

13. Camp out in one of these rustic winter cabins in Gatineau Park

It's $112 a night for 4 people, but you'd only be spending $28 if you split it. The experience is completely worth it, and one night is enough to take it all in!

14. Visit the Ottawa Humane Society to give the pets some love

Pets need love around the holidays too! You can visit them any time of the day, and if you're a cat lover, you can spend time with the cats themselves and fall completely in love. You'll never want to leave.

15. Grab a warm bowl of Pho during this icy cold weather

You'll get the most delicious bowl for pretty cheap, and warm up your entire body in the meantime. There are so many great places in Ottawa to get Pho, so try a new one!

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