It's officially cuffing season in Ottawa. Whether you plan on dating someone from the months of October to March or you're actually in a relationship for the long run, everyone can appreciate a little bit of love to warm us up over the next couple of months. 

With that being said, if cuffing season also happens to come around the same time as your girlfriend's birthday, here are a couple cute spots to take her:

Chez Lucien 

Where: 137 Murray St.

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Why you should go: This place is super underrated and low key. If you're just looking for something relaxed but still really cute, this would be the perfect place. They've also got great beer and food that both you and your GF can enjoy!

Vittoria Trattoria 

Where: 35 William St.

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Why you should go: They're extremely well known for their amazing Italian food. It always tastes fresh and they got some killer pasta dishes so if your girl loves Italian food, this is the spot.


Play Food and Wine

Where: 1 York St. 

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Why you should go: The food here is really creative but really good! It's the perfect date night spot because of how quaint and cute it is. It's also downtown so you can go for a nice stroll afterwards.


The Moonroom

Where: 442 Preston St.

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Why you should go: Located in Little Italy, you already know it's bound to be romantic AF. Moonroom has got some great food and it's so cute.


Where: 87 Holland Ave.

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Why you should go: Just look at the caesar... this place is great and not afraid to try new things, but don't worry, your taste buds will thank you! It's a high quality place for a high quality girl so if you're looking for a cute place to take her, this is it. 


The Shore Club 

Where: 11 Colonel By 

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Why you should go: If you and your bae love seafood, this spot is perfect! It's located by the Ottawa river and the food is to die for; definitely a place you'll need reservations for. 


Where: 540 Rochester St.

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Why you should go: The food here is amazing and your girlfriend will love it! It's fine dining in a cute location and since your girl deserves the world, knock this place off her bucket list. 

The Soca Kitchen

Where: 93 Holland Ave. 

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Why you should go: Offering a fusion of Spanish and Latino cuisine, this place is adorable but it also has some amazing food. So if you're looking for a cultural experience, you've found it!



Where: 297 Dalhousie St.

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Why you should go: Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it's also a really cool spot. It's the type of place you go to for a girls night or for a really cute date night, and the food is the perfect mix of modern but also fine cuisine.



Where: 1208 Wellington St. West

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Why you should go: Just the name of this place is cool enough but the food is even better! You'll get some huge portions of food and your GF will love it! 


Das Lokal

Where: 190 Dalhousie St.

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Why you should go: If you're looking for something completely out of your realm, this German restaurant has some amazing food! It's honestly so adorable and so underrated giving you the privacy you need!


Where: 337 Richmond Rd.

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Why you should go: It's far out there so you won't run into anyone you know! It's got ceiling to floor windows which make it that much more romantic, for some reason, and the service gets a 10/10! 


El Camino

Where: 380 Elgin St.

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Why you should go: If your girl is super chill and doesn't really expect fine cuisine but you still want to take her somewhere cute, El Camino takes the cake! The food here is so dank and it's located on Elgin which is an amazing area of Ottawa.



Where: 537 Sussex Dr.

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Why you should go: They've got some of the best seafood you'll try but that's not all! This cute little spot is an Ottawa gem even though it's sooo underrated, however, your GF will love it!

Union 613

Where: 315 Somerset St. W

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Why you should go: It's cozy, cute, and the food is great. Whether you're looking to get closer to your girl or you just want to enjoy some great food at a dimly lit romantic restaurant, this is the spot.



Where: 296 Elgin St.

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Why you should go: Not only will your GF love this place, but so will you! It's romantic and the food tastes fantastic.


Restaurant E18hteen 

Where: 18 York St.

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Why you should go: If your girl's got high end taste and your on a high end budget, you two will definitely enjoy this place! They've got great wine and it's well known as a romantic spot in Ottawa.



Where: 18 York St b

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Why you should go: Not only is it the food or the layout of this restaurant that makes it perfect for a date but the donuts here are to die for! If Sidedoor is known for anything, it's the amazing little donuts that your GF will love.

Luxe Bistro

Where: 47 York St.

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Why you should go: It's fancy but not too fancy and the food will leave your girl hella impressed with your efforts! 


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