21 Essential Things You Must Do In Ottawa If You're Coming For A Day, Weekend Or Week

See all of what our city has to offer!

Finally! You're visiting the capital. No, Toronto is not the capital, even though tons of people still think it is. Yes, our bae Justin Trudeau is from Ottawa. 

READ MORE: Ottawa Has Been Named The Best Place To Live In Canada

We've officially been named the best place to live in Canada, so that means you need to visit Ottawa. You need to see why we're not the city that fun forgot anymore, and what makes us a small but big city. It's confusing, I know but it's also true. 

Short trips are fun, but longer trips are even better. Whether you're staying for a day or staying for a week, you can have a great time. We're so close to nature that you'll need to bring your running shoes, but also your finest little black dress for a night out. Don't worry, we got you. 

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